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Largest Display Of Tamil Alphabets Made Of Flour

Ramya Srinivasan and Gayathri Prakash are passionate about the prevalence of the Tamil language. They managed to invite over 200 of their friends to gather at Fuchun Secondary School on 25 May 2019 to set the record for writing Tamil alphabets using wet flour on the hall floor like the traditional kolam. Fuchun’s Tamil students also participated. The ... Read More »

Largest Parent And Child Football Coaching Clinic

142 parent-and-child pairs came for the football coaching clinic at ITE College Central campus on 24 May 2019. Perhap the biggest draw was meeting Fandi Ahmad who headed the coaching session. The event was organised by ITE, with partners Adidas and Admiralty CSC. Read More »

Most Number Of People Doing Stone Painting Together

At the Indian Cultural Fiesta close to Clive Street, 178 people from all walks of life came together to paint on stones using markers. Led by Vijaya Mohan, the project hoped to convey the uniqueness of Indian motifs. The event on 27 Apr 2019 was co-organised with Yuvabharathi International School. Read More »

Largest Squat Jump Wave

The National Steps Challenge organised by Health Promotion Board brought over a thousand people to Palawan Green in Sentosa on 27 Apr 2019. At the event, 848 people took part in forming several simultaneous squat jump waves. They also did the new national exercise, The Greater Singapore Workout. Read More »

Largest Artwork Made Of Fabric Strips

CPG Corporation has been involved in building some of Singapore’s most iconic projects. To mark its 20th anniversary, the staff weaved fabric strips cut from unwanted clothes to make a profile of their projects. The artistic work,  measuring 4.5m by 0.6m, was carried out at Marina Barrage on 25 Apr 2019. It serves as a visual reminder to both CPG ... Read More »

More Sustainable Way Of Making Cement

Making cement is an extremely carbon-intensive process. It’s produced in factories with massive kilns where raw materials, like limestone, clay, and shale, are heated to temperatures up to 1550 degrees Celsius, then ground into a powder. Heating the cement minerals to such high temperatures poses a sustainability concern, says Kemal Celik, professor of civil engineering at New York University ... Read More »