• Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • A 38m dragon dance made of drink cans was made by the Bkt Panjang community in Feb 2012

About Us

About Us


Singapore Book of Records

The Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) is a non-profit organisation established in 2005, primarily to compile and adjudicate all national records, and to advise and promote world records. It was formed in response to widespread voices for a national body to administer and make local record breaking possible. There are currently about 30 countries around the world with their own record keeping bodies.

Mission of SBOR

  • Compile and administer all national records.
  • Create and adjudicate national records.
  • Advise and promote world records.
  • Promote national sports and sportsmanship.
  • Provide a platform to showcase human excellence.
  • Organise programmes and assist charitable organisations.