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Largest Graffiti Cap & Fastest Headspin

At the SG.BBoys Championship on 1-3 Sep 2017 were the Original Graffix from Gold Coast, Australia (thanks Matt and Kane!) who were there to make graffiti caps for shoppers and the bboying community. They also airbrushed a custom-made giant cap measuring 1.68m in diameter with a bill of 0.68m. Tomi Cinej achieved the record of doing 88 headspins per ... Read More »

Fastest Baby In A Walker

SAFRA Punggol’s Diaper Dash on 2 Sep 2017 featured the new baby walker race. Eligible only for kids of 13-18 months, about 180 took part in the F1-themed walkers. The fastest out of 25 rounds was Angel See Kai En, who dashed across the 3m lane in 5.09 sec. Read More »

Kenneth Tan Broke 4 Memory Records

Kenneth Tan, a second-year SMU undergrad was already holding 2 Singapore memory records – for Fastest Recall Of One Deck Of Cards and Spoken Numbers at 1 digit per second. On 1 Sep 2017 in SMU, he broke 4 more memory records:   **Fastest Recall Of 2 Decks Of Cards, taking 11 min 55 sec to memorise and recall;  ... Read More »

Largest Bag Made Of Non-Woven Bags

MacSham Singapore proudly celebrated its 25th year in the pest control business at Hotel Re! on 1 Sep 2017. The occasion also highlighted its effort of caring for the environment. To support this move, staff contributed used non-woven bags and sewed them into a 3m by 3.5m symbolic bag. Read More »

Largest Mass Positionable Notes Shake-off

Hokkien Huay Kuan celebrated Teachers’ Day with the teachers from its affiliated schools with a dinner at MBS Ballroom on 30 Aug 2017. A fun part of the dinner programme was when all the diners had to stick Post-It Notes all over their bodies and then shake vigorously for one minute to make the notes drop off.  812 people ... Read More »

Largest Hand-Sewn Art Montage

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. For many months, volunteers of the Brigade had been helping to sew a 30m by 30m fabric artwork, comprising of 9 panels depicting its history and mission. It was finally completed at its HQ on 12 Aug 2017. Read More »

Youngest To Recall More Than 300 Digits Of Pi

After Sri Varshan set the record for memorising 200 world flags, SBOR challenged him to memorise the pi digits. 3 weeks later, we were told that he was ready. On 22 Oct 2016, he recited 300 of the bewildering digits correctly in 3 min 16 sec, at Gardens by the Bay. The boy is only 4 years 1 month. Read More »