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Most Saree Styles In A Fashion Show

100 women from different racial backgrounds demonstrated 100 different ways that sarees may be worn. The event titled ‘Weaves & Drapes’ was organised by Singapore Telegu Samajam (Cultural Society) and HS Elites curated the selection for the record. Many ladies were happy to bring their own sarees to showcase the styles worn in their hometowns in India. The ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Flipping Pancakes Together

It was Pancake Playtime for the Sep school holiday at United Square. After several pancake-related activities on 8 Sep 2018,  frying pans and pancakes were given out to the shoppers. 95 pans, some with both parent and child clutching a handle together, were counted to be flipping the pancakes for 3 minutes. Read More »

Most Pledge Cards On A Balloon Sculpture

The Global Economics and Property Investment Convention (GEPIC) was a seminar with talks by highly renowned speakers, organised by GEX Ventures. Instead of fees, attendees donated towards survivors affected by the recent Lombok Earthquake and Mercy Relief in its disaster-relief efforts. 453 pledge cards were also received from attendees to contribute their ‘thought, time, talents and treasures’ to help ... Read More »

Fastest T-Shirt Wearing Relay Chain

For Teachers’ Day celebration on 30 Aug  2018, Fajar Secondary School organised a fun-filled sport where students competed on an inter-class basis on how fast they changed t-shirts. In a relay chain of 25 people, the first person had 10 t-shirts on and then passed to the next person one at a time, who wore it and then ... Read More »

Longest Clothes Line

Students of Fajar Secondary School collected enough old clothes to go round the school field twice. Held by wooden pegs on ropes on the fence, the clothes measured 616m on 30 Aug 2018. It was more than 100m longer than the previous record held by SMU. The clothes would be shipped overseas to the needy. Read More »