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Most Number Of People Doing Mountain Climbers Together

SAFTI’s Officer Cadet School marked its 53rd Anniversary by having its 717 officer cadets and staff do a total of 53,000 mountain climber exercise. This is said to be one of the best exercises, firing nearly every muscle group in the body. The event was held at the parade square on 7 Jun 2019. Read More »

Most Number Of Ketupats Made At A Public Event

Wisma Geylang Serai broke its own record at its Ketupat-thon on 2 Jun 2019. 6,030 ketupat shells were made by guests at the mall throughout the day, from coconut leaves specially brought from Malaysia. They were later sold and the proceeds distributed to TAA and New Life Stories. Read More »

Interesting New Record Ideas

We welcome you to set these new records! Largest ball bouncing relay chain Longest balloon firecrackers Largest positionable note domino display Longest pingpong conveyor belt Fastest T-shirt moulting Fastest framing chain Fastest snaking chain Fastest pingpong hop and drop Largest office chair race Read More »

Most Number Of Ketupats Cooked At One Location

To celebrate Hari Raya, residents of Jamiyah Halfway House spent days weaving coconut leaves and filling them with rice. On 3  Jun 2019, they boiled the ketupats in 4 large pots for over 5 hours. 1,372 of them were then hung on poles to be counted. The rice cakes were later distributed to beneficiaries around their premises. Read More »

Largest Collage Of Painted Photo Frames

Students from Edgefield Secondary School not only carried out spring cleaning activities in the nearby flats but also engaged the elderly to paint photo frames. At HDB’s Broom It Day on 29 May 2019, the 400 painted photo frames were put together to form a 5.05m-by-1.83m collage. The event was held at COMNET Senior Activity Centre in Punggol ... Read More »

Coldest Bumper Car Arena

Snow City, together with its partner, Joyo Sports Investment Pte Ltd, launched its new bumper car feature on 30 May 2019. There were 14 battery-operated cars for visitors to enjoy without extra charges in the -5.5 degree C mezzanine floor. At the launch event, 60 staff and guests were treated to steamboat dinner and also attaining the record ... Read More »

Largest Mass Megadanz Workout

Tampines West CSC, Punggol East CSC and Sengkang Central CSC jointly organised the largest Megadanz at Tampines West CC on 25 May 2019. Led by master trainer Ruby Wang of Taiwan and the Radical Fitness Singapore team, the event attracted 235 people for the workout. Read More »