• 3,818 taiji fitness enthusiasts gathered at YCK Stadium on 2.3.14 to break the Largest Taiji Display record

  • 584 personnel from the Officer Cadet School broke the record by doing 1,000 sit-ups simultaneously on 28.10.11

  • 263 people were in the Most Number Of People Showering Together at Sentosa, organised by SingTel mio TV on 26.10.13

  • The longest zhu chang fen was made at Chinatown on 25.7.10 measuring 60.5m long

  • Dancing clubs under the North West CDC came together for the Largest Rumba Dance with 908 participants on 18.5.12

  • The Largest Rangoli (Group) measured 38m in diameter, organised by Kg Chai Chee IAEC on 24.8.14

  • KC of Ria 89.7FM stayed on air for 24 hours for the Longest Radio DJ Marathon on 17.5.12

  • 1,460 participants did jumping jacks together for 3 min to celebrate Temasek Poly’s School Of Engineering’s 20th Anniversary (25.11.11)

  • The Longest Handbell Performance went on for 24 hours in Dec 2013 at the airport played by Ministry of Bellz

  • The Largest Chinese Brush Painting was by Qi Hong who painted a 14.2m-by-7.3m galloping horse on 13.6.13.

  • Siglap South YEC used can tabs to make the largest logo. About 1.6 million can tabs were used for the 2.4×2.4m logo on 14.4.13

  • Created by Ng Kai Kong and Ng Kai Cheong at 42 x21x17.65mm, the Z-Nano is the world’s smallest optical mouse.

  • 318 students and alumni from St. Hilda’s Sec Sch took turns to play volleyball for a continuous 24 hours in Apr 2012

  • 120 people participated in the largest twister game at Downtown East on 06.06.10, organised by NTUC Club
  • The Largest Shirt Mosaic was created by Hwa Chong Inst (College) students with 2,600 shirts. It measures 10m by 9m on 22.2.11.

  • HDB staff made individual ceramic tiles which were combined into the largest such mural measuring 1.78×12.45m on 31.1.10

  • Woodgrove Sec created the Largest Montage Made Of Thumbtacks (3m x 3m) on 31.8.11 for Teacher’s Day

  • The Women’s Integration Network Council displayed 1,240 decorated teddy bears on 04.03.12 at Suntec City

  • The Largest Stiletto Race was organised by Class 95FM with 160 participants running in 3-inch heels on 2.4.11

  • Loo Kok Seng of Shunlin Wushu had 34 wooden poles swung and broken on his neck on 3.6.2007

  • In 2013, Tan Joo Heng and over 200 volunteers built the Longest Sand Sculpture – a168m snake – in Sentosa

  • Khoo Swee Chiow is the first Singaporean to reach the South Pole (31.12.1999) and the North Pole (5.5.2002).

  • CityCare volunteers made 500,000 stars from strips of paper for the Largest Word Formation Made Of Paper Stars; 2009

  • A total of 2,200 ketupats were made by residents in Sembawang GRC on 28.8.11 outside Causeway Point

  • 740 students and staff from Kent Ridge Sec Sch did the algorithm march, a widespread Japanese game of coordination, on 12.8.10

  • In 2009 Colgate Palmolive built the world’s largest ant farm placed inside an advertising billboard

  • A 23.3m robot sculpture made by Lily Tan and her team using 79,854 balloons achieved a world record on 16.03.12

  • The largest balloon costumes were worn by 12 stiltwalkers in Sentosa in May 2012

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • Radin Mas Pri Sch has a wall mosaic made entirely of buttons measuring 20.8 by 2.9m since 2010

  • HNF and ITE College West built the world’s longest line of drink cans in Feb 2007 using 90,769 cans

  • Cleo Magazine organised the largest mass photo shoot of 420 girls in swimsuits at Siloso Beach in 2008

  • Ayer Rajah CC youths set a world record for making a 15m x 7.5m cupcake mosaic with 20,000 cupcakes on 29.7.12

  • Fajar Sec Sch and Metta Sch used 3,530 cups of coloured water (5.0×4.3m) to set the cups mosaic record on 24.10.12

  • A 300m dragon lantern along the Singapore River for the Mid-Autumn celebrations in 09.2004 was Singapore’s longest lantern

  • Taman Jurong CC & Ananda Bhavan Restaurant made the 97-cm murukku on 28.10.17

  • Volunteers from Eunos CC and Man Fut Tong Welfare Society jointly made the longest Swiss Roll measuring 89.5m on 23.12.12.

  • 1,000 umbrellas painted by residents were displayed at Marine Parade CC on 22.6.14

  • The Biggest Birthday Cake (6.13m x1.6m x0.08m) was made by the Dawoodi Bohra Community on 5.3.11.

Largest Box Of Coins

Largest Formation Of Human Pyramids

Secondary four students of Tanjong Katong Secondary School wanted to do something memorable together before they fully concentrate on their O level exams. On 31 Aug 2012, 258 boys and girls set the record for forming 43 human pyramids of 6 persons each, in their school hall.
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Most Number Of People Eating Ice-Cream At The Same Time

Most Number Of People Eating Ice-Cream At The Same Time

To help the ST School Pocket Money Fund, each of the Ngee Ann Secondary School student, teacher, alumni and member of the parents’ support group made a donation and collected a cup of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. 1,558 participants then proceeded to the school hall where they broke the record for eating ice-cream together. The Teachers’ Day event on 31 ...
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Largest Box Of Coins

Largest Box Of Coins

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore marked its 20th anniversary as a statutory board by raising funds for the President’s Challenge. At the beginning of the year, 1,800 staff were given piggy-banks for them to put in their loose change. The coins from the piggy-banks were consolidated into a custom-made acrylic container measuring 1.64m by 0.41m by 1.02m high. 475,696 coins ...
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Largest Outdoor Pop-Up Picnic

Largest Outdoor Pop-Up Picnic

Launched in Paris 25 years ago, Dîner en Blanc now assembles over 30,000 people each year in 14 cities in Europe and North America. It is a gathering where diners are dressed in elegant white and bring their own table, chairs, food, picnic ware and trash bags to clean up their stuff after the dinner. On 30 Aug 2012, Singapore ...
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Most Number Of Skips In One Hour

Most Number Of Skips In One Hour

ITE College East open house on 26 Aug 2012 was packed with 40 free workshops from cooking to home DIY, and student performances throughout the campus. A highlight of the Fiesta 2012 was the college’s attempt to rewrite Singapore’s one-hour skipping record. About 700 people gathered at the hall and carpark, and pushed themselves to accumulate a total of 1,240,736 ...
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Longest Plate Spinning Rally

Grace Orchard School provides special education to those with mild intellectual disability or autism. On their 10th anniversary celebration on 25 Aug 2012, many students proved to be adept at spinning a plastic plate at the end of wooden stick. A dozen boys from Raffles Institution helped with organising the record attempt as well as training participants in the skill ...
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Most Number Of Paper Fishes Folded In One Hour

Most Number Of Paper Fishes Folded In One Hour

Sea of Hope was initiated by some youths of Millenia Institute to raise funds for the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Charity Fund. On 24 Aug 2012, about 1,300 students from the school gathered at the school hall and canteen and in one hour they folded 77,776 origami angel fish out of the little squares of used paper. The angel ...
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