Largest Doodle Canvas

Band of Doodlers comprises a group of illustrators who felt it is their duty to fill blank public spaces with art. On 14-15 Mar 2015, 50 of them gathered at the Sports Hub to ink up the SG50 logo with pictures that depict water saving. On 21 Mar, the 5m-diameter canvas was unveiled at the World Water Day ... Read More »

Largest Collage Made By Pieces Of Torn Paper

Brenda Tan conducted a staff bonding workshop for staff of Heritage Conservation Centre on 25 Mar 2015 at the Malay Heritage Centre. One of the activities at the workshop saw the staff tearing up pages of old magazines, then sorting and pasting them to form a lion head collage. The 4m by 5m artwork broke the previous similar ... Read More »

Largest Mosaic Made of Bottle Caps

The Environmental Society of River Valley High School got the whole school to help collect plastic bottle caps. Members of the society then arranged the caps into a mosaic with a picture to promote saving water. Measuring 10.7m by 5.8m, the mosaic was fully covered with 50,490 bottle caps. It was exhibited at the World Water Day on ... Read More »

Most Number Of Balloons Burst In 10 Seconds

When the huge balloon sculpture exhibition at Marina Square came to a close on 22 Mar 2015, SBOR challenged the 30 balloon artists there to compete for the fastest to burst the balloons using a satay stick. Tricia Soh emarged winner with 55 busted balloons. Read More »

Longest Handprint Banner

Residents of Ayer Rajah came together to create ‘SG50 Hand Prints with Love’  at the Chingay@Heartlands carnival on 21 Mar 2015. While waiting for the Chingay floats to drive by Teban Gardens Road, residents printed their painted hands on a 1m by 100m banner to break the current record. Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Plastic Bag Flowers

The Women’s Integration Network Council is the coordinating body of the 105 women’s committees based at the CCs. For several months its members had been crafting used plastic bags into flowers. 50,000 of the flowers were collected and arranged to form a 4.9m by 21m mural to mark the International Women’s Day as well as SG50 at PA headquarters ... Read More »

Fastest Time To Pass 10 T-shirts Along A 100-People Chain

At CapitaMall Asia’s staff gathering on 20 Mar 2015, participants formed a chain of 100 people. The first person in the chain started  wearing 10 T-shirts and one by one was taken off and passed to the next person who had to put it on and then passed on. The time taken for the last person in the ... Read More »