Longest Barefoot Walk

From 4am on 14 Feb 2009 to 3pm the following day, 33-year-old Adi Narayanan walked barefoot around Singapore, covering a distance of slightly more than 100 km. Adi took 35 hours to complete the walk. He did it to raise public awareness of cancer. Read More »

Longest Hanging By The Neck

Chan Foong Har hung herself by the neck for a record time of 2 min at Hoa Binh Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City on 28 Jun 2008. Her feat was achieved after years of Neigong training. Read More »

First To Swim The English Channel

Thum Ping Tjin became the first Singaporean to swim the English Channel on 6 Aug 2005. He completed the 34-km swim in 12 hr 24 min. Known as the Everest of open-water swimming, the Channel is a treacherous strait that separates England and France. Thum represented Singapore in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and was a Rhodes Scholar. Read More »

Most Murtabaks Distributed At One Location

Members of the Malabar Mosque either bought or donated towards the 2,000 nicely-wrapped murtabaks on 13 Sep 2015. Many cab drivers collected the food packages and sent them to needy families in several areas and selected mosques. Some volunteers went on foot to families at Kelantan Road. Malabar Mosque has a historical connection with murtabaks as 3 nearby renowned murtabak shop owners were Malabaris. Read More »

Longest Ride On A Motorbike With 1 Tank Of Petrol

On 14 Jul 2007, Poh Yu Seung covered 502 km on 1 tank (18.9 litre) of petrol, riding from Gelang Patah to the outskirts of Ipoh. He rode a Harley-Davidson Road King FLHR with a 1,584cc engine and the fuel used was Caltex Silver with Techron (95 octane). Read More »

First To Bungee Jump In Singapore

Philip Wu, general manager of Radical Adventure Sports, became the first Singaporean to bungee jump on local soil when he jumped 45m at Tuas Jetty. The event was a preview for the bungee jumping demonstration held in Oct 1993, as part of the Sheares Bridge Run. Read More »