Largest Display Of Paper Lions

Folding origami lions was the final activity at SMU Environmental Club (Verts) three-day camp which ended on 14 Jul 2014. Organised to raise awareness for the use of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, the activity was also an attempt to achieve a Guinness World Record. The lion was chosen as it represents both Singapore and the SMU. The final count ... Read More »

Most Floating Champagne Bottles With Enclosed Messages

The global epicurean phenomenon Dîner en Blanc returned to Singapore for its third edition on 5 Jul 2014. Over 3000 guests dined at the mass pop-up picnic’s secret location, which was unveiled to be Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. They also inscribed heartfelt messages which were placed into champagne bottles and then launched into the water. A total of 326 ... Read More »

Largest Display Of Roti Bawean

Since Mar 2014, the Malay Heritage Centre, in partnership with Persatuan Bawean Singapura (Baweanese Association of Singapore), held an exhibition to highlight the development of the Baweanese community in Singapore. They were originally from Pulau Bawean near Java and migrated to Singapore in the early 19th century. To mark the closing of the exhibition on 5 Jul 2014, ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Flying Paper Aeroplanes At The Same Time

Juying Primary School celebrated its 20th anniversary with a record attempt. On 11 Jul 2014, the whole school population, together with parent volunteers, ex-students and children from the neighbouring kindergarten, flew paper aeroplanes together from the different levels of the school building. A total of 1,531 participants took part. Read More »

Largest Fire Extinguisher Training Session

263 participants took part in what was Singapore’s largest hands-on fire extinguisher training session at the Canberra Community Club. The event on 6 Jul 2014 was designated as Canberra Community Safety Day and the training was conducted by officers from SCDF. Portable fire extinguishers were even given away as lucky draw prizes. Read More »

Largest Heart Formation Made Of Knotted Hearts

Woodgrove Secondary School got its students, staff and partners to knot little red hearts using ropes to demonstrate the WGS Heartbeat.  The 4,000-plus hearts were later glued to a canvas to show the passion, drive and rhythm of the school community. On 9 Jul 2014 it was hung on the back of the school hall. The heart measured 2.3m ... Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Floating Spheres

And Largest Logo Made Of Flowers. Project Gold is a community service project initiated by the Senja-Cashew YEC to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Its key event was for volunteers to be shaven bald and their friends pledging towards the challenge. At the project’s main event on 5 Jul 2014, the Senja-Cashew CC’s swimming poolwas covered by 270 golden plastic ... Read More »