Largest Logo Made Of Paper Flowers

A paper orchid was made by cutting and pasting 3 pieces of paper in the centre. Over 4,000 orchids were made by the students of Hong Kah Secondary School to be used as decoration for the school’s speech day. On 17 Apr 2015, the flowers were first brought to the school hall and arranged into a 3.99m by ... Read More »

Largest Hamburger

The chefs  at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Singapore created the largest hamburger weighing about 100 kg. It was made using over 60 kg of beef, 100 whole eggs, 15 kg of flour and 5kg of onions. It measured 82cm in diameter and was 40cm high. The record was planned to tie-in with the launch of the hotel’s Great Big American Buffet ... Read More »

Largest Display Of Lighted Diyas

Panguni Uthiram, which falls on the twelfth month of the Tamil solar calendar, is a day of importance to Tamil Hindus. On 3 Apr 2015, devotees and volunteers of Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniar Temple celebrated the festival by arranging and displaying 20,050 traditional diyas (clay lamps) at an open ground at Yishun Industrial Park. The event also commemorated SG50. ... Read More »

Largest Serving Of Lo Mai Kais

At the invitation of Sphere Exhibits, Chef Liu Zhanming attempted a new record for making and serving 1,500 pieces of lo mai kai (糯米鸡) in a steamer measuring 1.7m in diameter. It took him and his team about 11 hours to prepare the sticky rice with chicken pieces, wrapped them in lotus leaves and steamed them. The lo mai ... Read More »

Fastest Human Formation

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School wanted to do something memorable to mark the school’s 50th anniversary. On 2 Apr 2015, 900 students, staff and ex-students took the challenge to do a human formation of the word ‘YCKSS 50’ in the shortest time possible. Everyone stood alert 20m away from the formation area before the air horn was blasted. ... Read More »

Most Disappearing Cane Illusions In One Minute – World Record

The Guinness world record for most disappearing cane illusions in one minute is 22, and was achieved by Khor Choon Kiat. More popularly known as CK, on 1 Apr 2015, he turned 22 canes into silk. On 1 Nov 2012, CK was awarded Singapore’s youngest full-time magician at the age of 16 years 6 months. Read More »

Largest Mobile Balloon Costume

Marina Square’s Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza on 20-22 Mar 2015 also featured a dinosaur sculpture that can be worn like a balloon costume. It was totally mobile, with all 4 limbs and the head independently controlled by the wearer. It measured 4m from snout to tail and a height of 1.8m up to its shoulders. The sculpture was created ... Read More »