3 Children Achieved Memory Records

The Umonics Method commemorated Pi Day, 14 Mar 2021, with 3 of its students setting new memory records for irrational numbers. Verlyn Tsang Sze Shuen (6 years 7 months) achieved the ‘Youngest To Recall 201 Digits Of Phi’. Nathaniel Loke Hao Tian (6 years 9 months) became the record holder for ‘Youngest To Recall 190 Digits Of Square ... Read More »

Largest Chinese Characters Made Of Clay Angkukuehs

On 25 Mar 2021, the last day of Ngee Ann Primary School’s 80th year, the school was awarded the record for crafting thousands of angkukuehs from clay in the presence of officials from Ngee Ann Kongsi. The pieces were arranged in the ‘Ngee Ann’ characters measuring 4m by 2.5m Read More »

Largest Montage Of Cloth Masks

Anglican High School got its students, staff and alumni to write their memories and well wishes on used face masks. They were then pinned onto a 5m-by-5m cloth. It was a symbol of turning a challenging time into something beautiful. On 13 Mar 2021, the montage was completed and streamed live on Youtube for its 65th anniversary celebration. Read More »

Largest Quiz-Based Jigsaw Puzzle

One class after another from the Secondary 4s of Tanjong Katong Secondary School went about a scavenger hunt looking for small jigsaw pieces. The clues for the hunt were related to the history of the school. Later the small pieces were exchange for similar larger pieces in the school hall where they inserted them into a 65-piece 1.2m-by-3.6m ... Read More »

Largest Zumba Workout Relay In God-Of-Fortune Headwear

Our Tampines Hub and Tampines West CSC organised one of the most fancily dressed workouts seen in Singapore. All were given a ‘God-of-Fortune’ headwear and many even came in ancient Chinese costumes. In the 5 sessions lasting 7 hours, a total of 188 people took part in the mall on 21 Feb 2021. Read More »

Most Digits Of Phi Memorised And Recalled In 30 Mins

Sharina Kaur Shah, mother of 2 young kids, took part in her first memory record challenge. Within 30 minutes, she recalled 1,119 digits of Phi in the correct order at Singapore Polo Club on 7 Feb 2021. Also known as the Golden Ratio, Phi is an irrational number with unlimited digits. Read More »