Largest Display Of Doodled Cups

Dutch artist, Jan Doodle, was at United Square to lead the Doodle-Le-Do Workshop. 64 people participated in the brief doodling session with paper cups and markers provided. A total of 320 doodled cups were completed on 22 Jun 2019. Read More »

Largest Silent Zumba Workout

On 15 Jun 2019, 215 Citi Singapore employees set a new record for silent Zumba at Marina Barrage. They started doing the exercises with music. Then when the music went out, they continued with well coordinated movements. After 5 minutes, the music came back. This was the company’s global community day which involved several organisations helping the disabled. ... Read More »

Singapore Map Records

The following are current records related to Singapore Maps. The list is updated as at 12 Jun 2019. Largest Logo Made Of Badges (Singapore Map) (50,000 badges, 6.5m width) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Acrylic Hearts (1,136 acrylic hearts, 3.4m x 1.8m) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Badges (2m x 1.5m) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Bottle Caps (21,685 bottle caps, ... Read More »

National Flag Records

The following are current records related to Singapore’s National Flag. The list is updated as at 12 Jun 2019. Largest Kolam National Flag (9.2m x 6.2m) Largest Lego National Flag (1.8m x 3.1m) Largest National Flag (32m x 22m) Largest National Flag Formed By Angkukuehs (2,300 angkukuehs, 3.3m x 2.7m) Largest National Flag Made Of Balloons (19,368 balloons, 22m x ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Doing Squats Together

On 7 Jun 2019, 717 officer cadets and staff gathered at the SAFTI parade square to commemorate OCS’ 53rd Anniversary, with a series of physical exercises conducted by Echo Wing. After doing 53,000 mountain climbers, they went on to do 53,000 squats collectively. Everyone put in their efforts to exemplify their motto ‘To Lead, To Excel, To Overcome’ Read More »

Largest Display Of Painted Glass Bottles

Participants at the Venus Arts workshop painted glass bottles over several sessions conducted by Minal Pai Raikar. On 9 Jun 2019, the 150 beautifully painted bottles were displayed in the function room at The Anchorage and the 19 participants were awarded record certificates. Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Stickers

World Vision Singapore organises a 30-Hour Famine Camp annually to help youths understand about the hardships in the Third World. In the final hours of the camp on 9 Jun 2019 they were given stickers to express their feelings and response from what they had learnt. They then placed the stickers on a template of the 3.0m-diameter logo Read More »