Longest Sheltered Walkway Fitted With Solar Panels

Singapore Discovery Centre built a 196-m solar-panelled walkway to connect its building with the bus-stop along Upper Jurong Road. Together with the solar panels on the adjacent lake, they will provide enough power for half of the centre’s electrical consumption. The record was certified on 31 Oct 2020. Read More »

Largest Display Of Laddus

Diabetes Singapore managed to organise the making of 8,835 laddus, a traditional Indian sweet, with no sugar added. Chef Allan Albert Teoh created the recipe and volunteers from Khalsa Dharmak Sabha, Lions Club Centennial, and Temasek Polytechnic helped with the cooking and packing. They were placed 5-in-a box for distribution to welfare organisations on 7 Nov 2020. Read More »

Largest Wine Glass

To commemorate the mocktail called ‘First Love’ created by Deng Keni which won the National Cocktail Competition 2020 (Student Category), Management Development Institute of Singapore remade a gigantic version of it on 17 Oct 2020 in the school. The students served the drink in a wine glass measuring 48 cm in diameter and 1.0m in height. Read More »

Longest Line Of Packaged Bread

To commemorate World Bread Day (16 Oct), Creative Culinaire The School and e2i, with the support of 23 top bakeries and 10 ingredient sponsors put together a line of bread at the e2i hall. The bakeries prepared and brought down 7,000 wholemeal raisin buns to form the 60m line on 15 Oct 2020, which were later distributed to ... Read More »

Longest Distance Covered Online By A Group Of Runners Over 20 Days

To commemorate Singapore Management University’s 20th anniversary, the SMU Challenge organising committee rebranded its annual fund-raising event into SMOO Challenge 2020. From 1 to 20 Sep, a total of 1,001 students, staff, alumni, faculty members and friends from the public clocked 57,346.35 km in 20 days. Participants registered and uploaded their handphones’ GPS-based tracking results to 42race.com Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Rubik’s Cubes

Yumin Primary School set the Rubik’s Cube word formation record in 2017. On 8 Oct 2020, they broke their record with 1,200 cubes forming the words ‘United We Flourish’, measuring 1.1m by 2.2m. All the pupils completed one side of the cube and placed the cubes on the pre-worded banner in the hall. The event was to mark ... Read More »

Most Number Of Steps Walked In 10 Days

R Subramaniam, who holds the record for fastest walking around Singapore (103.6 km in 18 hr 47 min), completed 501,370 steps in 10 days from 6 to 15 Sep 2020. This is roughly about 400 km. The steps were monitored by his phone app. The record attempt was sponsored by Vithya Sri and Khirthana. Read More »

Most Number Of Steps Walked In 30 Days

Ramaiah Selvanathan, 52, was determine to go through a month-long fitness regime. From 29 Aug to 27 Sep 2020, he completed 1,172,101 steps (903 km) walking an average of 30 km a day. He did most of the walking after his work as a supply chain manager. Selvanathan was an ardent footballer during his school days. He was ... Read More »

Largest Display Of Bottle Cap Castanets

Students and staff of Stamford Primary School collected bottle caps and they were made into castanets by pasting each pair to a folded cardboard. On 8 Oct 2020, to mark Children’s Day, they danced and played the castanets to the song ‘Semoga Bahagia’ in their classrooms, and thereafter each class stick the handmade instruments onto a board. The boards ... Read More »