• Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • A 38m dragon dance made of drink cans was made by the Bkt Panjang community in Feb 2012

Largest Car Sculpture Made Of Tin Cans

F1 comes in a month’s time but Royal Plaza on Scotts has already put up its welcome with a special race car sculpture. Ayam Brand sponsored the tin cans and the staff spent 360 manhours to build the 5m-by-1.1m-by-0.9m high structure. 8 different types of cans were used and the chequered flag ceremony took place on 21 Aug 2019. Read More »

Most Body Composition Tests Performed in 10 Hours

On 17 Aug 2019, 1,145 people at Clarke Quay Central went through body composition tests over a 10-hour period. Using over 20 sets of the Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-375, participants had their body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle percentages and the body mass index measured in about 5 min each. Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore held the health roadshow together with its TR90 Walk. Read More »

Largest Mass Salsation Workout

In many workouts organised by Tampines West CSC, it seeked out the creators of such branded workouts to enable participants to get the most original experience. On 17 Aug 2019, Alejandro Angulo and his team came down to Our Tampines Hub to lead 268 fitness fans in an unforgettable Salsation experience. Read More »

Largest Human Formation Of A Slogan

Student and staff of Maris Stella High School moved into their allocated positions on 8 Aug 2019 to form the words ‘SINGAPORE 200’ to commemorate the nation’s Bicentennial, as well as National Day. With both the Primary and Secondary students taking part, the red and white human formation was accomplished with 2,580 people. Read More »

Most Squats Performed By A Group In 5 Minutes

Gan Eng Seng School celebrated National Day and the Bicentennial on 8 Aug 2019 by forming the ‘200’ numerals with 510 pupils and staff. While they were in position, each person did 200 squats. Hence, 102,000 squats were achieved by the school in 5 mins. Read More »

Most Number Of Coin Pouches Made From Recycled Materials

National Day eve (8 Aug 2019) was also a ‘Go Green: Upcycle’ day for Catholic Junior College. The students brought used milk cartons to the school or discarded cardboards to make coin pouches in the classrooms. When they were brought down to the hall, 1,256 of the handicrafts were counted. Works by the Houses Read More »

Largest Peranakan Art

I12 Katong celebrated its Peranakan heritage over 2 weekends with shoppers participating in piecing together a mosaic artwork with glass tiles in the middle and beads on both sides. On 4 Aug 2019, the completed art measured 7m by 2.5m. The artwork contained all the significant Peranakan uniqueness – nonya kuehs, beaded accessories, clothings, wedding and architecture. Read More »

Largest Display Of Origami Flower Envelopes

Yuhua Secondary School commemorated the Singapore Bicentennial on 8 Aug 2019. Students, teachers and staff folded 5,400 origami flower envelopes but only 4,500 were used to form the images of Sang Nila Utama, Tan Tock Seng, Munshi Abdullah, Naraina Pillai and Stamford Raffles. The display measured 7.1m by 3.1m. Read More »