Most Number Of People Doing Marbling Art On Mugs At One Location

Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities organised a dinner event for its beneficiaries on 20 Jul 2019 at Chong Pang 165 Hard Court. Before dinner commenced, 1,548 senior participants had a short art lesson at their tables. Mixing nail polish with warm water in a tray, they dipped the white mugs in the solution and turned them into pieces ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Painting T-Shirts Together

Anu Saxena runs the ArtsyCraftsy art studio for children. On 21 Jul 2019, she gathered 88 children at a function room in Tampines Grande to paint on t-shirts using fabric markers with Singapore as the theme. The session ended with all the children wearing their own works of art. Read More »

Fastest Consecutive Football Passes With 100 People

A hundred football players, including 9 from Tottenham Hotspur were arranged by AIA to achieve a Singapore record together on 20 Jul 2019. Passing the ball from one to another over a 2m distance, they managed to complete it in 2 min 3 sec. The renowned club was one of the 4 European clubs brought in by AIA for ... Read More »

Longest Play

Athipathi International Theatre, a local amateur drama company, staged Pugalenthii’s Kavasam with a 600-page script. The Tamil play at The Grassroots’ Club went on non-stop for 28 hr 20 min, on 13-14 Jul 2019. Throughout the duration it was streamed live on Youtube. The play tells the story of Esan Pillay, a man torn between his love for ... Read More »

Largest Donation Of Items To A Community Pantry Collected From The Public

Assyakirin Mosque initiated the first-of-its-kind community pantry where needy members of the public may come and pick up foodstuff and household essentials with no charges. The items in the pantry, converted from a store room, are donated by mosque’s worshippers, the public and aid agencies such as Food Bank and Free Food for All. The foodstuff includes rice, ... Read More »

Largest Number of Crafts Made From Cardboard Tubes

Busy Bees Asia, one of Singapore’s largest early childhood education networks, organised a fair at Suntec City with the theme: the best start in life. Playing on the ‘start’ word, the roadshow had a car racing theme.  Children from more than 60 childcare centres had earlier crafted race cars from recycled materials like toilet paper cores and bottle ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Playing Hopscotch In 1 Hour

For its HS Spirit Day, Hougang Secondary School allocated one hour for the entire school to play hopscotch on 9 Jul 2019. It rained a little earlier, so instead of the parade square, the students drew the diagrams in the classrooms and took turns to jump from square to square. A total of 1,100 students and teachers took ... Read More »

Largest Mass Inang-Ronggeng Dance

Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee organised a festival for schools at the National Library Plaza on 13 Jul 2019. The event was to extend the learning of Malay Language beyond classrooms and to showcase the Malay traditions. In one segment, participants had a chance to learn the Inang-Ronggeng dance. Led by professional dance instructors, 363 participants did ... Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Paper Strip Stars

Tampines Junior College merged with Meridian Junior College and they are now known as Tampines Meridian Junior College. As part of the school’s first birthday celebration, students folded 15,426 paper strips into stars and arranged them to form the school’s new logo. The logo with a diameter of 1.9m was unveiled by the Principal on 12 July 2019. Read More »