Longest Batik By A Group

Wisma Geylang Serai celebrated its first anniversary with many live performances and having the public to paint the longest batik ever seen in Singapore. Over 3 days ending on 19 Jan 2020, 1,500 visitors helped to achieve 550m of the ancient painting style where designs on fabric are created using wax. Kamal Arts managed the community project by using a contraption with curtain rails, so that the cloth can be painted and then ... Read More »

Largest Trove Of Calligraphy Iterations

Merlin Gallery’s director, Johnny Quek, has been practising Chinese calligraphy since a tender age. In the last 20 years, the 72-year-old Quek has been bundling up his works and storing them away in a warehouse. The trove of his works stacked up to 2.7m by 1.3m and 1.6m high.  It weighed 2.2 tons. On 17 Jan 2020, a selection of his works were put up for sale at the Gallery. Read More »

Largest Mass Bachata Dance

Bachata is a form of romantic music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic streets in the 60s. Carlos Henriquez from the Caribbean island was invited to conduct a masterclass and a mass bachata dance session at Our Tampines Hub on 11 Jan 2020. 242 took part in the new record. Tampines West CSC and dance instructor Eve Tan coordinated the event. Read More »

Largest 10-Legged Race

To mark its 10th anniversary, 10 C4I Batallion of the SAF looked to a 10-related record. Fortunately, despite 8 existing multi-legged races, a 10-legged race was yet to be attempted. On 7 Jan 2020, 207 personnel in 23 details took part in the 50m race at Stagmont Camp, putting into practice the army’s doctrine of teamwork, precision and strategic planning. Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Cookies

Allspice Institute baked and displayed around 6,400 cookies for the Kids of Hope Bicentennial Charity Carnival organised by Universal Entertainment Media. The cookies formed the words ‘Singapore 200’ measuring 1.5m by 11.5m at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre on 21 Dec 2019. Read More »

Largest Climbing Wall With Furniture Fixtures

Kids’ wishes to climb over their furniture came true at Century Square’s Christmas climbing wall. Opened to children between 15 to 55 kg, there were prizes for those who climbed the fastest and collected the most points through ribbons hidden in the lockers among other fixtures installed on the 6m-high wall. The width of the 2 sections totalled 7.2m. The record was presented on 22 Dec 2019. Read More »

Largest Mass Bounce Dancefit

The sports clubs of Tampines GRC jointly organised a community-bonding Christmas event which also broke the record for Bounce Dancefit. 872 participants, led by Master Trainer Zainul Ariffin Shariff, took part in the dance at Our Tampines Hub Community Auditorium on 14 Dec 2019. Read More »

Largest Street Carolling

In 2017, the Nee Soon community held the largest street carolling record only to be broken by Gardens By The Bay the following year. On 14 Dec 2019, the Neesooners made a comeback to reclaim the record with 890 participants. The event held at MPC@Khatib was organised by Nee Soon GRC and Yishun Methodist Mission. Read More »

Largest Mass Ceilidh Dance

In 2014, SJI International Elementary School set the traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance record with 457 children and staff performing. On 6 Dec 2019,  509 Josephians again performed the community dance beautifully and broke their own record. Read More »