Largest Display of Handicrafts Made Of PolyAl Boards

To commemorate Singapore’s 49th year of nation building and to promote recycling, Yeo’s put up a display of the nation’s public housing development. Hundreds of kindergarten children were involved in making 48 HDB blocks using Yeo’s tetrapaks.  The 49th building was created by artist Akira Takahashi. The foundations of the blocks were made with polyal boards which were ... Read More »

Largest National Flag Made Of Plastic Bag Flowers

People’s Association Women’s Integration Network Council organised Passion Zumba for the third year on 3 Aug 2014 at Event Square of Marina Bay Sands. To celebrate the coming National Day, a flag measuring 3.7m by 2.4m, was displayed as a backdrop on stage. The red and white Singapore flag used 2,000 flowers, crafted from used plastic bags by ... Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Jelly Worms

On 21 Jul 2014, Secondary Two students of Queenstown Secondary School were in the lab to make slimy jelly worms with the guidance of Singapore Science Centre staff. Finely crushed Oreo biscuits were spread to form a 3m-diameter earth-like base. Over 4,000 gelatinous worms were later placed on the ‘earth’ and topped up with the SG50 logo. Read More »

Largest Sculpture Made Of Message Cards

The Family Life Champion (FLC) Award Ceremony on 19 Jul 2014 was held at Ulu Pandan CC. On the stage was a huge three-tier ‘cake’ made of 2,165 message cards collected from participants in previous FLC events. It had a diameter of 2.4m and height of 3.6m. The dinner was to honour the dedication of the FLCs in ... Read More »

Longest Competitive Swimming Career

Joscelin Yeo Wei Ling has the longest competitive swimming career of any swimmer in Singapore. She started competing at the age of 7. She won her first international medal at the 1991 Manila SEA Games at the age of 12, when she collected 2 silvers and 3 bronzes. She won 9 gold medals at the 1993 SEA Games ... Read More »

Largest National Flag Made Of Straw Hearts

Geylang Serai CC YEC members, together with other volunteers, spent months folding hearts from red and white drinking straws. On 19 Jul 2014 at a National Day carnival at Upper Aljunied Lane, with the help of students from Maris Stella High School, the straw hearts were put together to form a national flag which measured 3m by 2m.   Read More »

Largest Singapore Map Made Of Plastic Bags Flowers

At Dairy Farm Singapore’s annual community event held on 19 Jul 2014, a Singapore map made from 6,000 flowers was displayed, created from used plastic bags. Measuring 10m by 6m, it was displayed at Tampines Community Plaza. In the coming months, residents in the region will be encouraged to make the upcycled flowers which would be used for Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations ... Read More »