Largest Word Formation Made Of Floating Spheres

And Largest Logo Made Of Flowers. Project Gold is a community service project initiated by the Senja-Cashew YEC to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Its key event was for volunteers to be shaven bald and their friends pledging towards the challenge. At the project’s main event on 5 Jul 2014, the Senja-Cashew CC’s swimming poolwas covered by 270 golden plastic ... Read More »

Fastest Eating Of 3 Bowls Of Spicy Noodle

Ng Chin Sheng won a pair of tickets to Seoul in the Seoul Spicy Noodle Challenge 2015. He ate 3 bowls of Samyang Fiery Noodles in 19.26 sec at JCube on 28 Jun 2015. Each bowl of cooked noodle, taken from a package, weighed 140g without the receptacle.   Read More »

Largest Canvas Art Installation On An Apartment Block

West Coast Community Arts and Culture Club collaborated with local artist Sun Yu-li to decorate Block 728 of Clementi West Street 2. Sun painted a framework of lines on 36 black canvases. On 14 Jun 2014, 400 residents filled in the details on the 5.8m by 1.3m canvases. The entire picture depicts the vibrancy and harmony of people, ... Read More »

World’s Largest Percussion Ensemble

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) pulled off quite a feat with a mega concert at the new National Stadium on 28 June 2014. The concert ‘Our People, Our Music’ broke the Guinness record with 4,557 participants playing percussion together. The entire concert has 3,345 musicians but they were joined by over a thousand drummers who came in for ... Read More »

Largest Erhu Ensemble

At the newly opened National Stadium on 28 June 2014, the ‘Our People Our Music’ concert was staged by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Other than being the largest orchestral performance ever, it also achieved the erhu record with 949 players Read More »

World’s Largest Orchestra Performance

Singapore Chinese Orchestra successfully gathered 3,345 participants from 125 performing groups for the first concert performance at the new National Stadium on 28 June 2014. The ‘Our People Our Music’ achieved the Guinness record for Largest Chinese Orchestra performance.   Read More »

Largest Display Of Handpainted Umbrellas

For 3 months, over 500 residents and students in the vicinity had dropped by the Marine Parade Community Club to put their artistic touches to umbrellas. On 22 Jun 2014, 1,000 umbrellas had been counted and displayed at the club’s basketball court as part of PA’s PassionArts Festival. Read More »