Largest Display Of Figurines Using Recycled Materials

Endeavour Primary School students learned the art and science of recycling by creating their own version of robot-like figurines strictly from recyclable materials. They were taught to reduce, reuse and recycle to commemorate Earth Day. Some of the figurines displayed were equipped with LED lights and had movable parts. A total of 168 figurines were counted on 22 ... Read More »

Longest Distance Paddled On A Dragonboat Ergometer In 24 Hr

Ten members of the Deaf Dragons took turns to paddle 256,536m on a dragonboat machine from 5pm on 16 May 2015 to 5pm the next day at DBS Tampines Central Branch. One of them is hearing impaired and two are intellectually challenged. The team is managed by social enterprise Society Staples, and the event was part of the ... Read More »

Largest Lip Print Mosaic

To mark International Women’s Day, OCBC Bank collected 7,000 lip prints from its female employees across Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the UK. 4,000 of them were scanned and digitally arranged to form a mosaic with the words standing out prominently: ‘We have a voice’. The 2m by 4m mosaic wall was unveiled on 18 May ... Read More »

Physics Tutor

Many Firsts for Singapore’s Top Tutor Mr Phang Yu Hon is one of the top private tutors in Singapore who earned more than one million dollars a year. His tuition centre, in which he is the only tutor, is GST-registered. Mr Phang, an old RI boy, graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from ... Read More »

Largest Single Acrylic Dome

British American Tobacco commanded an outstanding presence at the TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition for duty-free products on 12-14 May 2015. Its area includes a transparent dome of 11.2m circumference and a height of 2.23m. The dome was shaped from a single piece of acrylic sheet. It was designed by Geometry Global (Hong Kong) and built by Maxibit Singapore. Read More »

Fastest Time To Weave A Ketupat

Presented by Housing Development Board, Mother’s Day was celebrated with shoppers at Joo Chiat Complex on 10 May 2015. With a line up of activities, games and entertainment, one contest that attracted many mothers to participate was ketupat-weaving. After a few rounds of practice, four participants were selected for the final round. The emerged winner was Nona Folina ... Read More »