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Most Letters To Editors

Lawyer Michael Loh Yik Ming was listed in the Guinness records for having the ‘Most letters to editors published in one year (multiple papers)’. The 212 letters, published in The Straits Times, Streats, Today and 8 Days, for the 12 months ending in Aug 2003, broke the previous record of 131 published letters set by Israeli Ehud Buch. ... Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Message Cards

Families For Life celebrations were held on 13 Sep 2014 at the Sports Hub. At the event was a huge Family Conversations Wall where families pen down their thoughts  on message cards about spending time together. The 2m by 7.6m ‘Family’ logo were entirely covered by the cards. Read More »

Youngest To Recognise 200 Country Flags

Sri Varshan just turned four a week ago. On 13 Sep 2016, he was tested in the comfort of his home, the names of 200 flags of countries and territories around the world. Looking at the printed flag cards, he named them all correctly in 4 min 22 sec, or naming a flag every 1.3 sec. His parents, Mr and Mrs Annamalai, ... Read More »

Longest Linkway Decorated With Lanterns

To mark the completion of the linkway stretching 432m from the Queenstown MRT station to the Strathmore Ave HDB blocks, the Queenstown Commonwealth Ave Zone RC decorated the entire linkway with traditional red Chinese lanterns. The event on 8 Sep 2014 was also the neighbourhood’s celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. More photos. Read More »

Largest Heart Formation Using Beach Mats

Community Chest’s Orange Day was held at Palawan Beach on 6 Sep 2014. Participants were given orange beach mats and they managed to arrange 320 of them to form a huge heart shape. Led by Minister Lawrence Wong, everyone in the formation also used their fingers to make synchronised heart shapes.   Read More »

Largest Lantern Made Of Drinking Straws

  September is Dementia Awareness Month and the theme this year is ‘Together we can do it’. On 6 Sep 2014, dementia residents of The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home proved that with some assistance they could do something ‘big’. After spending a few hours with students of ITE College Central, using hula hoops for the main frame, ... Read More »

Most Number Of Mooncakes Made Onboard Cable Cars

The first time mooncakes were made while suspended between 93m (Faber Peak station) and 47m (Sentosa station) above sea level was carried out by 200 people during the half-hour round trip between the two stations. Participants were mostly families with children who came to Faber Peak on 6 Sep 2014 to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, where they also learned to ... Read More »