Policies Relating to SBOR’s Adjudication




This page covers some specific considerations and undertakings for the Organiser’s potential attempt of the Singapore record.

SAFETY. Please note that accepting your record attempt in no way provide any kind of safety advice or can be construed as providing any comfort that the record is free from risk. SBOR will not accept responsibility for the safety of participants or bystanders in any record attempt. It is the Organiser’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are in place and that all equipment used is suitable and thoroughly checked prior to the record attempt taking place and in compliance.

BOOKINGS. All applications for our services must be made through our website on the orange box marked “Applying for a Singapore Record’.

PHOTOS/RECORDINGS. Photographs, audio-video or other recordings of your participants may be taken during the event for use by SBOR and/or any third parties authorised by us. By engaging our services, you are giving us consent for such recordings. However, we are usually amicable to your feedback about not releasing things that you may find inappropriate.

MEDIA CONTRIBUTION. A SBOR official (or more) at your record event will document and collect ample evidence of the record, including taking measurements, photos and videos. You can also send other materials such as the media coverage generated by your record attempt (newspaper articles, news videos, etc) which you think will enhance the publicity of your record event in SBOR’s media. However, we reserve the right to use only materials we deem suitable. We are not responsible to return materials that had been provided. Hence it is important that you have your own original copies.

MEASUREMENT. Generally, a SBOR official will be present at your record attempt to count or make the necessary measurements. Unless SBOR explicitly requested special devices from you, we will bring and use our own measuring equipment. However, in rare occasions when the SBOR official cannot carry out the work adequately and third-party specialists may be needed and the adjudication can only be confirmed at a later date after inspection by the specialists. In such cases, SBOR reserves the right to postpone the adjudication and to adjust the agreed costs.

CHANGES TO RECORDS. SBOR does not take responsibility to inform the record holder if his record has been broken or if the rules, the wordings of the record, or the categorisations have been changed. We have complete discretion over whether a record is to be published in the Book or website. Even after receiving a certificate from SBOR, it does not mean that the record will be published in any of SBOR’s media.

FEES. Our charges will depend on the nature and scale of the record, affected by the number of hours and number of people we have to send down to your event. We will quote you after we obtain more details about your event. It is the Organiser’s responsibility to discuss and accept the charges before we go down to adjudicate the record. Even if the record is not awarded, the quoted fees are still payable.

CANCELLATION CHARGES. There will be no charge if you inform us of the cancellation 3 days or more before the event (including Sat and Sun). Within 3 days we charge 50 percent of the quoted price, up to 24 hours before the event. For less than 24 hours’ notification, full charge will be levied upon cancellation

INCLEMENT WEATHER. In case of rain when the record attempt cannot be carried out, we will extend by one hour without extra charge as a goodwill. For each additional hour of delay there will be an additional $300 charge.

CERTIFICATE. Adjudication charges by SBOR include one certificate to be awarded to the record attempt organiser. However, you may request for additional certificates which we charge at $20 each.