• Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • A 38m dragon dance made of drink cans was made by the Bkt Panjang community in Feb 2012

Largest Mass Bounce Dancefit

Largest Mass Bounce Dancefit

The sports clubs of Tampines GRC jointly organised a community-bonding Christmas event which also broke the record for Bounce Dancefit. 872 participants, led by Master Trainer Zainul Ariffin Shariff, took part in the dance at Our Tampines Hub Community Auditorium on 14 Dec 2019.

Mass Jingle Fitness Dance Party 2019 ~ Video Highlights

Mass Jingle Fitness Dance Party 2019 at OTH Community Auditorium…. with Guest of Honour Miss Cheng Li Hui ~ Adviser to Tampines GROs and MP for Tampines GRC Bounce Dancefit led by Master Trainer Zainul Ariffin Shariff also set a record in the SIngapore Book of Record for the largest Mass Bounce Dancefit with 872 participants.. #massjinglefitnessdanceparty2019 #tampinescentralcsc #thedarrenchin

Posted by Darren Chin Photography on Friday, 20 December 2019