Most Number Of People Doing Calligraphy Together

Ai Tong School celebrated its 105th Founder’s Day with the entire school and guests writing the 4 words 博爱大同 (meaning ‘Love for all mankind’) simultaneously on 5 Oct 2017. The phrase was coined by the school’s founder from which the name Ai Tong was derived. The 2,160 participants included key leaders from the Hokkien Huay Kuan in which the school is affiliated to. Zaobao report Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Pledge Cards

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) organised a conference and exhibition at Suntec City on 6 Oct 2017. Prominently displayed are 3D sculptures of ‘SSDB2017’ – short for Start Small, Dream Big – a theme very familiar to pre-school educators. Over 3,000 pledge cards collected from many pre-schools covered the 1.6m by 10.5m display. Read More »

Largest Space Out Competition

Every year Silver Ribbon (Singapore) commemorates World Mental Health Day and on 1 Oct 2017, it partnered Geylang Serai CC to organise the first local space-out competition. Participants were supposed to free their minds; they were not allowed to talk, use hands signs, read, sleep or use the mobile phone. 122 people took part and the last person endured 8 hours and 12 minutes. Read More »

Largest Display Of Mooncakes

Residents in the constituency celebrated Teck Ghee Lantern Night at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park with lantern walks and interesting performances. A key feature of the event on 30 Sep 2017 was the display of 40,100 mooncakes. About a thousand mooncakes were distributed there and the rest would be distributed to charitable and welfare homes after the event.  Read More »

Largest Video Controller Made Of Video Controllers

Sony PlayStation ran a ‘Play Everything’ roadshow at Suntec City on 24 Sep 2017 for the public to try the latest games. Gamers were also invited to bring down their PlayStation controllers for a record attempt. 487 people responded to form the image of a video controller measuring 3.1m by 4.8m. Read More »

Fastest Mental Addition Of Ten-Digit Numbers

7 year-old maths prodigy Cherlyn Lee improved her own timing by more than one minute to become the fastest person to complete 10 sums without a mistake. Each sum has 10 numbers and each number has 10 digits. She calculated them mentally and broke her own record at the CMA competition at Republic Polytechnic on 29 May 2011. She completed the sums, totalling a thousand digits, in 3 min 59 ... Read More »

First Grandmaster Norm Of Memory

Michelle Low , 23, was ranked 18th at the World Memory Championship (WMC) 2004, held at Manchester, UK. Singapore’s first Grandmaster Norm of Memory, Low had attempted and successfully recalled the sequence of 940 playing cards. Read More »

World’s Longest Lego Millipede

Many primary school students joined hands to break the world record when they constructed a 1,410m long millipede with 2,946 legs. It was formed with 2,891,626 pieces of Lego bricks on 15 Dec 2004. The event was organised by Lego and participating primary schools at Robinson’s Christmas Village in the Singapore Expo. Read More »