Largest Tamil Animation Competition

To promote the use of Tamil among students, Alagappa Institutions Alumni Singapore organised a Tamil animation competition. Each team of 3 students competed in either of the Primary 4-6, Secondary 1-2 and Secondary 3-4 categories. On 27 Jan 2018, they attended a workshop on the use of Scratch animation program and have several weeks to submit a movie of up to 7 min. 90 teams submitted their entries for the ... Read More »

Largest Mass Thiruvathira Dance

Marking the Singapore Malayalee Association’s 100th year,389 young girls and ladies from various races were in harmony doing the Thiruvathira folk dance at Woodlands Stadium on 8 Apr 2018. Numbering around 40,000 here, Malayalees are the second biggest Indian community in Singapore, after the Tamils. Read More »

Largest Mass Blindfolded Yoga

Dawn Sim of Trium Fitness conducted the largest blindfolded yoga session with 110 participants on 31 Mar 2018. Some visually impaired were also in the group at Aperia Mall atrium with Trium’s instructors giving personal guidance. Read More »

Most Number Of Push Balls Kept In The Air

Forming a circle around the Sengkang Hockey Pitch, Seng Kang Secondary School students passed 20 giant Kin-Balls down the line without dropping any of them. They kept the balls in the air for 20 min to mark their 20th anniversary on 23 Mar 2018. Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Colouring Books

As a community service, Yishun Secondary School wanted to make some activity books for the elderly residents of Sree Narayana Mission. On 29 Mar 2018,  around 1,000 join-the-dot books were made by the students. Before giving them away, the books were laid out in the school hall to form the school’s 32nd anniversary logo. The arrangement measured 6.9m by 9.5m. Read More »

Most Number Of People Drinking With Bamboo Straws

Of all the disposable plastic products that are harming the environment, one item that is most unnecessary is the plastic straw. (Watch this turtle!). By launching the #saynotoplasticstraw campaign, Koufu@SMU will be the first food court that does away with plastic straws. On 29 Mar 2018, 198 people gathered at the Koufu outlet to pledge toward the cause by drinking from reusable bamboo straws instead of the common straws. Read More »

Largest Display Of Origami Sailboats

Seng Kang used to be a fishing port. Some weeks earlier, students of Seng Kang Secondary School folded origami sailboats to mark its 20th anniversary. 22,161 of the origami sailboats were placed inside transparent acrylic containers constructed in the letters ‘SKSS’ and launched at Sengkang Hockey Pitch on 23 Mar 2018. Read More »

Largest Mass Tabata Display

At Seng Kang Secondary School’s 20th anniversary celebration on 23 Mar 2018, 989 students took part in a mass tabata exercise. They did the exercises for 20 min at the Sengkang Hockey Pitch. Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that originated in Japan. was also to encourage the students to stay fit. Read More »