Fastest 200m Relay Team To Complete 100km

The Singapore Masters Track & Field Association (SMFTA) was the fastest team at Relay For Life organised by the Singapore Cancer Society on 2-3 Mar 2019. 30 runners of ages 38 to 74 took turns to run 200m laps each at the National Stadium. They completed a total of 500 laps (100 km) in 6 hr 5 min. Read More »

Longest Distance Covered By A Group Of Runners In 6 Hr

Singapore Cancer Society organised Relay for Life, an overnight community run for the third time on 2-3 Mar 2019. Cancer survivors, carers and supporters accumulated 14,849.2 km from 10 pm to 4 am the next day at the National Stadium. 200 teams managed to clock 100 km each. Another 94 teams and individuals achieved shorter distances. The New Paper Read More »

Youngest & Fastest To Solve The 15-Puzzle

Memory Ark organised Singapore’s first 15-Puzzle competition on 25 Jul 2018 at Pollinate, Blk71 start-up hub. The sliding puzzle has 16 spaces in which 15 tiles have to be placed in the right order. After 3 rounds, Lim Jing Xuan emerged fastest to solve the puzzle in a time of 47 sec.  4-year-old Mason Chou was the youngest to ... Read More »

Largest Gathering Of BMW M Cars

Performance Munich Autos, retailer of BMW cars, managed to gather 41 owners of the luxury cars to do a formation of its logo on the rooftop of Carros Centre. More than 100 BMW fans turned up on 23 Feb 2019 for the launch of BMW M Town and the first anniversary of the restructured company. Read More »

Largest Display Of Handpainted Lion Figurines

As Singapore celebrates its 200 years since its founding by Raffles, the Lions Clubs celebrates its 60th Anniversary. At its carnival in Singapore Expo on 16 Feb 2019, a display of 260 clay lions formed the word ‘LIONS’. They were painted by children of its welfare beneficiaries and visitors to the fair. The lions were sold to raise ... Read More »

Youngest Person To Complete 100 Marathons

Danny Asmara did his first marathon run in 2008 as a personal challenge after gaining full mobility following a motorbike accident. Ten years on, the teacher completed 100 marathons in 5 countries and 30 cities. 20 of these were ultramarathons. His 100th was the Sundown Marathon on 19 May 2018 at age 39. In fact he ran in all 10 editions of the Sundown ... Read More »

Largest Rangoli Made Of Coloured Pasta

The Pongal Festival organised by Geylang Serai IAEC  featured a rangoli that looked like a traditional Indian floor art. Except that instead of rice flour, uncooked pasta of various shapes were used. CC volunteers helped to make the 6.5m-diameter rangoli at Wisma Geylang Serai on 10 Feb 2019. It was conceptualised by Vijaya Mohan, a prolific record-setter in Indian ... Read More »