Most Number Of People Doing Moxibustion Together

Joyre TCMedi Spa opened its 14th outlet at Westgate on 20 Oct 2018. The grand opening included the appearance by finalists of Mrs Chinatown, lion dances, Zumba, KpopXfitness and Salsation sessions. 135 people participated in placing a small moxibustion applicator on their hands. This is a Chinese medical technique, practised for thousands of years, to burn some dried mugwort to speed up the body’s natural healing. Read More »

Largest Mass Transfer Of Marbles From One Bowl To Another By Chopsticks In 5 Min

To mark World Stroke Day, 3 local organisations – Stroke Support Station, Singapore National Stroke Association and Stroke Services Improvement – came together to put up a stroke awareness roadshow at Toa Payoh HDB Hub on 20 Oct 2018. In the event, 80 people took part in the Chopsticks Challenge by using their non-dominant hands to pick up marbles with a pair of chopsticks. This was to raise awareness of the challenges ... Read More »

Most Number Of Laps Swum In Uniform In 2 Hr

SAFTI Military Institute commemorated its 23rd Anniversary by setting the record for swimming in Number 4 uniform. Over 500 men and women participated by swimming a 50m lap, getting out of the pool and walking over to the other end to repeat as many rounds as possible. After 2 hours, 4,516 laps were recorded which is equivalent to a cumulative 225.8 km. Read More »

Largest Mass Sanedo Dance

Singapore Gujarati Society has been organising Navratri for the last 60 years.  From 8pm, 13 Oct 2018 to 2am, about 2,000 members and their guests came for the dance festival at Max Atria, most of them dressed to the nines. Just after midnight, 692 people did the Sanedo dance together. The Gujarati folk dance was conceptualised by HS Elites. Read More »

Largest Obstacle Trail Run

The Columbia Jungle Run on 7 Oct 2018 was a family-focused trail run with natural and man-made obstacles set in the hidden forested edge of Turf City. Although the emphasis was on parent and child pairings, there were also Individual Open and Masters categories where prizes were awarded. 523 took part in the 5km run jointly organised by Centaurs and Tampines West Community Sports Club. Read More »

Largest Four-Handed Seat Race

It is a yearly tradition for the Secondary 4 cohort of Tanjong Katong Secondary School to do something memorable with a record on their graduation day. On 5 Oct 2018, 225 students took turns to carry their friends to complete a 150m race. In groups of 3, 2 members grasped each other’s wrists to form a 4-handed seat for the third member to sit on. Participants switched roles at the ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Bouncing Tennis Balls Together

Punggol Cove Primary School has only been around for three years. On 4 Oct 2018, to mark Children’s Day and to train them in mental concentration, 647 children from Primary 1 to 3 bounced tennis balls together for 5 mins to break the record held by another school since 2014. Read More »

Longest Paper Fan Chain

Students of Temasek Secondary School folded paper fans which were later joined to form the longest paper fan chain. On 30 Aug 2018, the school celebrated All Staff Day when fans took on a new meaning.  The paper chain was completed by the school principal and measured to be 554m long. Read More »

Largest Collage Made Of Pencils

Pertapis Children’s Home provides a safe and nurturing environment for children who had serious family problems. On 7 Oct 2018, artist Vijaya Mohan and her team of volunteers, and members of the Rotary Club of Serangoon Gardens Orchard came to the home to engage the residents in a Children’s Day fun activity. They arranged 1,595 colour pencils to form a 1.2m-by-3.1m collage. After the event, the home enjoys an abundant ... Read More »