Coldest Shooting Arena

Snow City Singapore has added new features to its winterland. Working with United Shooters, it added Target Shooting and Close Quarter Battle from 4 Sep 2020. Visitors can now enjoy a unique and exhilarating shooting experience with rubber balls at -13 degrees C. Read More »

Largest Collage Made Of Rice

Staff and students of Fajar Secondary School contributed packets of rice which would be distributed to some of the needy by Food From The Heart. Before the rice were carted away, 903 packets of 1-kg rice were arranged to look like a bowl of rice on 3 Sep 2020. The collage measured 6m by 5.5m. Read More »

Youngest To Recall More Than 400 Digits Of Pi

Ishani Shanmugam is 5 years 4 months, a K1 child at Sparkletots. She successfully recited 409 digits of pi without a mistake on 9 Sep 2020 in her home. She took just 3 weeks to work on the memorisation. Her parents are Shanmugam VS and Vennila. Read More »

Longest Distance Covered Online By Runners In 10 Days

55tronger Together Virtual Run was jointly organised by Our Tampines Hub and Tampines West CSC to mark Singapore’s 55th year of independence. Registered runners ran on their own and uploaded their scores recorded on mobile apps from 27 Jul to 8 Aug 2020 to a weblink. For 10 days from 30 Jul to 8 Aug 2020, a total of 33,031 km were covered by 728 participants. Runners and their medals, ... Read More »

Largest National Flag Made Of Paper Fortune Cookies

In 1930, Joo Long School was founded in a shophouse in Jurong. Over the years, the name was changed to Rulang Primary School. To mark its 90th anniversary and to celebrate National Day, the students wrote their wishes on slips of paper and folded them into fortune cookies. These were arranged into a Singapore flag on 7 Aug 2020, and which measured 2.7m by 1.8m. Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Can Tabs

Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s theme for Nurses’ Day on 5 Aug 2020 was ‘Nothing is Impossible. I’m Possible’. Besides the possibility of coping with immensely increased workloads, the staff also found it possible to collect enough tabs from drink cans to make a logo measuring 4.1m by 5.1m. The tabs would later be sent to a recycling company to exchange for several wheelchairs. Lianhe Zaobao report Read More »

Largest Mass Online Salsation Workout

For the first time, National Day was mainly celebrated at home rather than with a large number of people. Tampines West CSC and Our Tampines Hub jointly organised a salsation session conducted over the Zoom platform on 9 Aug 2020. 211 people took part in the workout led by Julia Trotskaya from Russia and Roxana Rodriguez from Cuba. Read More »