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Largest Mass Inang-Ronggeng Dance

Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee organised a festival for schools at the National Library Plaza on 13 Jul 2019. The event was to extend the learning of Malay Language beyond classrooms and to showcase the Malay traditions. In one segment, participants had a chance to learn the Inang-Ronggeng dance. Led by professional dance instructors, 363 participants did ... Read More »

Largest Logo Made Of Paper Strip Stars

Tampines Junior College merged with Meridian Junior College and they are now known as Tampines Meridian Junior College. As part of the school’s first birthday celebration, students folded 15,426 paper strips into stars and arranged them to form the school’s new logo. The logo with a diameter of 1.9m was unveiled by the Principal on 12 July 2019. Read More »

Mass Exercise Records

The following are current Mass Exercise records. The list is updated as at 28 Sep 2019.   Largest Ball Passing Chain (461 participants) Largest Blindfolded Mass Walk (127 participants) Largest Clog Stomping Wave (205 participants) Largest Formation Of Human Pyramids (258 participants) Largest Game Of Leapfrog (1,300 participants) Largest Kickboxing Pad Work Session (120 students) Largest Locked-Arm Race (228 participants) Largest ... Read More »

Largest Wall Of Plants In Handpainted Pots

NTUC Club organised an event to celebrate community bonding for its members and their families with many fun-filled activities at Downtown East on 7 Jul 2019. Participants decorated 526 pots. Plants were inserted and they were then displayed to form a 7.9m-by-2.2m facade. Read More »

Largest Mass KpopXfitness Workout

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School organised a Family Day picnic for its students, teachers, parents and alumni at Palawan Beach, Sentosa on 5 Jul 2019 . To kickstart the event, 1,262 people who were present that morning did the KpopXfitness exercise together led by 5 instructors. Read More »

Longest Line Of Swings

Sentosa Development Corporation launched a campaign called Make Time on 27 Jun 2019 to encourage people to take breaks from their busy schedule and find time to relax. To make Palawan Beach a more relaxing place, it launched a 30m long structure with a height of 2.9m, holding a series of 18 swings. Shortly after the unveiling, the ... Read More »

Largest Pinata

Century Square shopping mall had a week-long birthday bash where shoppers were treated to games, workshops and shows. On 23 Jun 2019, shoppers gathered at the atrium to get a chance to grab goodies and vouchers dropping from a huge hanging pinata. The colourful llama pinata was measured to be 2.7m by 0.9m, and standing 3.6m high. Read More »

Singapore Map Records

The following are current records related to Singapore Maps. The list is updated as at 12 Jun 2019. Largest Logo Made Of Badges (Singapore Map) (50,000 badges, 6.5m width) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Acrylic Hearts (1,136 acrylic hearts, 3.4m x 1.8m) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Badges (2m x 1.5m) Largest Singapore Map Made Of Bottle Caps (21,685 bottle caps, ... Read More »