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Most Number Of Mooncakes Made At One Location

A combined effort by MacPherson Active Ageing Committee, Man Fut Tong Welfare Society and Lions Clubs International District 308-A1 (Singapore) resulted in the making of 17,664 mooncakes at MacPherson CC on 8 Sep 2019. The mooncakes were dispatched to various beneficiaries in batches by volunteers on that same day. Read More »

Most Number Of People Painting Handmade Lanterns Together

202 people were provided with lantern-making kits at Teban Gardens on 7 Sep 2019. Each participant painted on the paper that came with the kit which were then fixed on the lantern’s wooden frame.  After the crafts were completed, they proceeded with a lantern procession. The event was organised by Ayer Rajah CC.   Read More »

Largest Display Of Handpainted Clay Lamps

Vrindavan Fashion & Arts runs an e-commerce business specialising in women’s fashion. On 7 Sep 2019, it conducted an art session at the Garden House, Jurong Lake Gardens. Participants of all ages painted on diyas, or traditional clay oil lamps. At the end of the session, 200 beautifully handpainted clay lamps were displayed to mark the Singapore Bicentennial. Read More »

Longest Rubber Band Chain Made In 3 Mins

As part of Fajar Secondary School Teachers’ Day celebration on 5 Sep 2019, a competition for the fastest fingers was organised. Ten students were short-listed to take up the challenge of making the longest rubber band chain in three minutes. Evangeline Tan Kai Xuan emerged winner by linking 139 rubber bands to form a single chain. Read More »

Largest Collage Made Of Rubber Bands

Students of Fajar Secondary School learned that, like rubber bands, they need be stretched to be effective. Together, they made chains of colourful rubber bands and coiled them on display racks to form a beautiful picture on 5 Sep 2019. The collage of butterflies and flowers measured 3.7m by 1.85m. Read More »

Largest Mural Made Of Lego Bricks

2,800 community grassroot leaders and volunteers who helped to explain the Merdeka Generation package to senior citizens were invited for lunch by the Silver Generation Office on 1 Sep 2019. Displayed at the event in Singapore Expo was a Lego wall mural, to honour the seniors, measuring 6.9m by 2.2m. 233,104 single-stud Lego bricks were used to form the mural. ... Read More »

Largest Convoy Of Vehicles Delivering Groceries For Charity

Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam) organised its annual charity event on 25 Aug 2019 at its premises. At the event, 77 cars, 64 motorbikes and 1 lorry were part of a convoy of vehicles to deliver groceries including Qurban meat to about 1,000 needy families. Flagging off the 142 vehicles at Joo Chiat Road was President ... Read More »

Most Number Of Yoga Asanas Demonstrated In Sequence By An Individual

Little India Shopkeepers And Heritage Association (LISHA) and Seva International (Singapore) Ltd organised a yoga demonstration event at Indian Heritage Centre on 23 Aug 2019. Audience witnessed, in silence, as 9-year-old A Veera Thirupugazh demonstrated 100 asanas (postures for hatha yoga) correctly in accordance with a list of planned sequence. Read More »

Most Body Composition Tests Performed in 10 Hours

On 17 Aug 2019, 1,145 people at Clarke Quay Central went through body composition tests over a 10-hour period. Using over 20 sets of the Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-375, participants had their body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle percentages and the body mass index measured in about 5 min each. Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore held the health ... Read More »