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Largest Logo Made Of Thumbprints

Students and staff of Springfield Secondary School made their pledge to reduce their carbon footprint by placing their thumbprints on a huge cloth which collectively formed the school logo. The 8m by 5.5m logo was completed during the school’s Speech Day on 7 Apr 2017. Read More »

Longest Ceramic Art Mural

In 2012, Naval Base Secondary School students and staff, together with the support of the school advisory committee, parents, alumni and Nee Soon South residents took part in the making of a ceramic mosaic art installation measuring 63.6m by 1.85m. At the school’s 60th anniversary celebration on 8 Apr 2017, the record was certified by SBOR. Read More »

Largest LEGO Chinese New Year Display

People Association’s Brick Art Interest Group members spent many hours to create a Lego display on four pieces of wooden boards which had a combined measurement of 8m by 2m. The Lego art depicting Singapore’s multiracialism was unveiled at the Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year garden party held at Gardens by the Bay on 12 Feb 2017. Read More »

Largest Montage Of Handpainted Tote Bags

For its anniversary celebration, students, teachers and volunteers of Awwa School creatively handpainted 389 tote bags. The bags were then arranged in the shape of a large tote bag, measuring 7.6m by 5.5m, on 10 Mar 2017. Read More »

Records By CCs

The following are current records held by Community Centres / Clubs or Constituency Offices. Records organised at a GRC level are listed under the constituencies that come under the GRC. The list is updated as at 29 Sep 2019. Ace The Place Largest Kolam National Flag Most Number Of People Making Mango Sticky Rice Dessert Together Admiralty Largest Ketupat Largest National Flag Made Of Ribbon Ketupat Largest National Flag Made ... Read More »

Records By Schools

The following are current records held by Singapore schools (non-tertiary). The list is updated as at 3 Oct 2019. ACS International Largest Wall Made Of Paper Bricks Ai Tong Primary School Most Number Of People Doing Calligraphy Together Anchor Green Primary School Longest Group Spinning Of 3 Hula Hoops Together Anderson Serangoon Junior College Largest Logo Made Of ­Heart-Shaped Notes Most Number Of People Building A Sandcastle Anderson Secondary School ... Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Rubik’s Cubes

Yumin Primary School attempted to have every pupil complete one side of a Rubik’s Cube on Total Defence Day on 15 Feb 2017.  They then showed solidarity by placing their Rubik’s Cube to form the words ‘United We Stand’ with a total of 1,017 cubes which measured 1.86m by 1.1m. Read More »

Largest Display Of Personal Notes On A Fabric

Eunoia Junior College took in its first batch of students in 2017. During the orientation week, students spent time getting to know the Ghim Moh neighbourhood by interacting with its residents. They took photographs and wrote short stories on pieces of paper which were pasted on pieces of cloths. On 10 Feb 2017, 27 of these pieces were stitched up to form a gigantic 9.3m by 5.9m display of the memories. Read More »

Largest Chinese Character Made Of Oranges

Children from the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society Child & Student Care Centres and their parents gathered at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, on 6 Feb 2017.  There, they helped to arrange 12,888 oranges into the 福 (prosper) Chinese character measuring 18m by 18m. The oranges were later donated to charity organisations. Read More »