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Largest Collage Made Of Clothes Pegs

Fajar Secondary School held its Publicity Day on 19 Oct 2018 where primary 6 students from neighbouring schools were invited to know the school better. The students clipped colourful clothes pegs onto mesh display panels to complete a beautiful collage which measured 4.8m by 1.6 m. The collage was made up of 10,240 clothes pegs. Read More »

Largest Electronic Waste Collage

Jurongville and Hong Kah Secondary Schools marked their merger on 25 Oct 2018. To commemorate the day, Jurongville Secondary School broke the record set by Hong Kah Secondary in 2016.  Students salvaged parts of used computers, calculators and other electronic appliances to fix them on a board featuring the merged school’s new Applied Learning Programme mascot, which measured ... Read More »

Longest Line Of People With Linked Shoes

PAP Community Foundation staff gathered at Buona Vista Community Club on 12 Oct 2018 for staff bonding activities. Forming a single serpentine line, 470 participants stood with untied shoelaces. On a call by the emcee, everyone began tying their shoelaces to those on their left and right, to form the longest chain of connected shoes. Read More »

Largest Four-Handed Seat Race

It is a yearly tradition for the Secondary 4 cohort of Tanjong Katong Secondary School to do something memorable with a record on their graduation day. On 5 Oct 2018, 225 students took turns to carry their friends to complete a 150m race. In groups of 3, 2 members grasped each other’s wrists to form a 4-handed seat ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Bouncing Tennis Balls Together

Punggol Cove Primary School has only been around for three years. On 4 Oct 2018, to mark Children’s Day and to train them in mental concentration, 647 children from Primary 1 to 3 bounced tennis balls together for 5 mins to break the record held by another school since 2014. Read More »

Longest Paper Fan Chain

Students of Temasek Secondary School folded paper fans which were later joined to form the longest paper fan chain. On 30 Aug 2018, the school celebrated All Staff Day when fans took on a new meaning.  The paper chain was completed by the school principal and measured to be 554m long. Read More »

Largest Cardboard Remote Control Car Race Track

HDB organised a half-day filled with activities for its staff at Tampines Sports Hub on 10 Sep 2018. Working in teams, more than 100 people built a race track using cardboards and masking tapes. The track which measured 174.1m, required a remote control car to run throughout its length for quality checks. Read More »