• Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • A 38m dragon dance made of drink cans was made by the Bkt Panjang community in Feb 2012

Physics Tutor

Physics Tutor


Many Firsts for Singapore’s Top Tutor

Mr Phang Yu Hon is one of the top private tutors in Singapore who earned more than one million dollars a year. His tuition centre Physics.com.sg, in which he is the only tutor, is GST-registered.
Mr Phang, an old RI boy, graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the NUS. He also received Second Prize for his Honours Project Thesis, an Innovation Award from the NUS Faculty of Engineering.
Mr Phang was the first physics tutor to have an internet domain, when he registered it on 8 Mar 1999. His website displays his academic certificates and awards for easy verification by his potential students.
In 2003, Mr Phang was the first physics tutor to have ever written a worked solutions book for the Physics Special Papers ten-year series, which is now replaced by H3 Physics.
In 2005, when the Ministry of Education first announced the revamp in education track and introduced the Integrated Programme (IP), Mr Phang was one of the first physics tutors to offer such Accelerated Tuition to advanced learners who want to complete the originally six-year ‘A’ level physics course by the end of their Secondary 4 or JC1.
In 2008, Mr Phang was featured on the newspaper cover article: Five most sought-after SUPER TUTORS (The Sunday Times, 15 Jun 2008). In 2010, he was featured on MediaCorp television show Frontline and Singapore Press Holdings online television RazorTV, to explain his job and his special Accelerated Tuition.
Mr Phang personally teaches over 200 Secondary 3, 4, JC1, JC2 and IP students at his place. The number varies but it is usually more nearer to the exams. About half of them are from the top five junior colleges and IP schools.