• The Biggest Birthday Cake (6.13m x1.6m x0.08m) was made by the Dawoodi Bohra Community on 5.3.11.

  • A 38m dragon dance made of drink cans was made by the Bkt Panjang community in Feb 2012

  • Taman Jurong CC & Ananda Bhavan Restaurant made the 97-cm murukku on 28.10.17

  • Christmas at 112 Katong 2015 saw CJ the Bubble Girl enclosed 15 volunteers inside a giant soap bubble.

  • Volunteers from Eunos CC and Man Fut Tong Welfare Society jointly made the longest Swiss Roll measuring 89.5m on 23.12.12.

  • 1,000 umbrellas painted by residents were displayed at Marine Parade CC on 22.6.14

  • 263 people were in the Most Number Of People Showering Together at Sentosa, organised by SingTel mio TV on 26.10.13

  • The longest zhu chang fen was made at Chinatown on 25.7.10 measuring 60.5m long

  • Dancing clubs under the North West CDC came together for the Largest Rumba Dance with 908 participants on 18.5.12

  • The Largest Rangoli (Group) measured 38m in diameter, organised by Kg Chai Chee IAEC on 24.8.14

  • Chinatown presented the Longest Sculpture Made Of Sky Lanterns with a 300m long snake made from 850 lanterns in Jan 2013

  • KC of Ria 89.7FM stayed on air for 24 hours for the Longest Radio DJ Marathon on 17.5.12

  • 1,460 participants did jumping jacks together for 3 min to celebrate Temasek Poly’s School Of Engineering’s 20th Anniversary (25.11.11)

  • 50,280 sq ft of space outside MBS and 450 tons of ice were used for the Largest Ice Sculpture Exhibition, from Nov 2013 to May 2014

  • 250 people participated in the Largest Henna Painting Of Hands on 19.1.13, organised by Yew Tee IAEC

  • The Longest Handbell Performance went on for 24 hours in Dec 2013 at the airport played by Ministry of Bellz

  • The Largest Groundbreaking Ceremony involved 2,520 people, armed with spades, for the new Tampines Town Hub on 11.5.13

  • The Largest Frisbee Wave was created by 2PDF  on 6.12.12 with 1,007 participants

  • Organised by nEbO on 9.3.13, 802 people slided down the 450m flying fox wires in Sentosa over 5 hrs

  • 349 Sembawang residents formed the longest single line, holding and walking with the Singapore flags on 3.8.14

  • The Largest Mass Fireman Carry was executed by 771 servicemen from 2 SIB over a accumulative distance of 450 km on 6.12.13

  • NTUC Club broke the record with 716 people painting Easter eggs together on 6.4.12 at Downtown East

  • 998 participants formed the Longest Football Dribbling Chain on 3.5.14, organised by FAS

  • The Largest Chinese Brush Painting was by Qi Hong who painted a 14.2m-by-7.3m galloping horse on 13.6.13.

  • Siglap South YEC used can tabs to make the largest logo. About 1.6 million can tabs were used for the 2.4×2.4m logo on 14.4.13

  • 320 participants from Tampines West CSC took part in the longest continuous archery session for 30 hrs in May 2010.

  • Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • Clarke Quay’s 5.5m Christmas Tree made of 48 TV screens, 2011

  • Created by Ng Kai Kong and Ng Kai Cheong at 42 x21x17.65mm, the Z-Nano is the world’s smallest optical mouse.

  • Woodgrove Sec created the Largest Montage Made Of Thumbtacks (3m x 3m) on 31.8.11 for Teacher’s Day

  • The Women’s Integration Network Council displayed 1,240 decorated teddy bears on 04.03.12 at Suntec City

  • 3,818 taiji fitness enthusiasts gathered at YCK Stadium on 2.3.14 to break the Largest Taiji Display record

  • The Largest Stiletto Race was organised by Class 95FM with 160 participants running in 3-inch heels on 2.4.11

  • 584 personnel from the Officer Cadet School broke the record by doing 1,000 sit-ups simultaneously on 28.10.11

  • 1,058 people from 6 schools in Tampines West broke the world record for Most People Sitting On One Chair on 16.08.08

  • Loo Kok Seng of Shunlin Wushu had 34 wooden poles swung and broken on his neck on 3.6.2007

  • In 2013, Tan Joo Heng and over 200 volunteers built the Longest Sand Sculpture – a168m snake – in Sentosa

  • World’s Largest Game Of Leapfrog – 1,300 Republic Polytechnic participants jumping away on 4.4.2008

  • NUS architecture students sculpted Singapore’s largest Kueh Lapis of over 2m to look like The Fullerton Hotel in 2010

  • Khoo Swee Chiow is the first Singaporean to reach the South Pole (31.12.1999) and the North Pole (5.5.2002).

  • PA’s FLCs organised kite flying events and on 28.7.12, the Largest Display Of Kites with 3,118 kites

  • CityCare volunteers made 500,000 stars from strips of paper for the Largest Word Formation Made Of Paper Stars; 2009

  • A total of 2,200 ketupats were made by residents in Sembawang GRC on 28.8.11 outside Causeway Point

  • The T-Net Club created the Largest Heart Formation Made of Origami Hearts (15.2x15m) at the Cathay on 22.02.12

  • 740 students and staff from Kent Ridge Sec Sch did the algorithm march, a widespread Japanese game of coordination, on 12.8.10

  • In 2009 Colgate Palmolive built the world’s largest ant farm placed inside an advertising billboard

  • A 23.3m robot sculpture made by Lily Tan and her team using 79,854 balloons achieved a world record on 16.03.12

  • The largest balloon costumes were worn by 12 stiltwalkers in Sentosa in May 2012

  • Fengshan CC created a 130m longest balloon sculpture of a dragon to circle its premises on 10.11.12

  • Radin Mas Pri Sch has a wall mosaic made entirely of buttons measuring 20.8 by 2.9m since 2010

  • World’s Largest Flaming Image – 10,000 candles were lighted by Mercy Relief at S’pore Expo; 22.12.2004.

  • HNF and ITE College West built the world’s longest line of drink cans in Feb 2007 using 90,769 cans

  • Edgefield Pri Sch set a world record with 3,379 people doing the cha cha cha dance on 17.07.11 at Punggol Field

  • Cleo Magazine organised the largest mass photo shoot of 420 girls in swimsuits at Siloso Beach in 2008

  • Ayer Rajah CC youths set a world record for making a 15m x 7.5m cupcake mosaic with 20,000 cupcakes on 29.7.12

  • Fajar Sec Sch and Metta Sch used 3,530 cups of coloured water (5.0×4.3m) to set the cups mosaic record on 24.10.12

  • 808 people, all dressed in white, converged outside MBS on 30.8.12 for the first Dîner en Blanc organised in Asia

  • A 300m dragon lantern along the Singapore River for the Mid-Autumn celebrations in 09.2004 was Singapore’s longest lantern

Largest Speed-Dating In Masks

Completeme organised an unconventional speed-dating event on 6 Feb 2016 at YMCA @ One Orchard. 138 singles took part in the Valentine event wearing masks; many feeling less inhibited making new friends behind the masks. In the second half of the programme, they removed their masks and continued to develop the new friendships. Today’s report Read More »

Largest Chinese Character Made Of Hongbao

To decorate the school for the Lunar New Year celebrations, a class from CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent collected red and gold hongbao envelopes. The students then pasted the hongbaos to form 猴 (hóu, monkey) as 2016 is the year of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac cycle. On 3 Feb 2016, the mosaic was measured at 1.4m by 2.1m. Read More »

Longest Sarong Chain

For the first time, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) organised a family day for all the mosques in Singapore. Among the many interesting activities, was participants lining and knotting the sarongs they brought to the event. A 530m sarong chain was formed at Pasir Ris Park on 31 Jan 2016. Read More »

Largest Chunlian

For the 2016 Lunar New Year, Carlsberg Singapore played on the Mandarin pronunciation of the number 16 (yi liù) and the Chinese term (yi liú) which means excellence, top notch or simply the best. To launch its new cans that come with 20 different yi liú wishes, the beer company got renowned calligrapher Christina Chen to write the wishes on a 1.5m by 16m banner on 28 Jan 2016 at Capitol Piazza. Chunlian is ... Read More »

Largest Mulaipari Ceremony

For the Bukit Panjang Pongal Festival on 17 Jan 2016, 115 potted plants were prepared 2 weeks earlier for the Mulaipari. In this traditional ritual, women devotees took part in a procession carrying the pots filled with seedlings of 9 different types of grains. The festival at Pending Road was organised by the Bukit Panjang CCC and INC. Read More »

Largest Demonstration Of Manual Rice Dehusking

Bukit Panjang constituency celebrated its 9th year of Pongal on 17 Jan 2016 close to Pending LRT station. Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated in southern India. To remind visitors of their agrarian roots and the efforts to provide food, the organisers brought in 25 wooden dehusking mortars. Visitors got to try pounding the rice to remove their husk with long wooden pestles. Read More »

Largest Hong Bao

To usher in the Lunar New Year, Fu Lu Shou Complex began its month-long promotions for shoppers on 5 Jan 2016. A Taoist priest was present to offer prayers and blessings for the mall. At the auspicious ceremony, an over-sized red packet, which measured 2.38m by 1.20m, was unveiled. Regular-sized hongbaos would be given to shoppers when they make purchases there. Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Lightsticks

At Sengkang Riverside Park, about 5,000 residents of Ang Mo Kio GRC and Sengkang West SMC did a 2016 New Year countdown with PM Lee. Before that, they used 1,600 lightsticks to complete a formation of the word ‘Love’. Organised by the Family Life Champions, the 2.4m by 1m collage was to reinforce the importance of love within the family. Read More »

Largest Display Of Indian Bangle Handicrafts

Vijaya Mohan experimented with the use of Indian plastic bangles as a new artform. Working with some welfare and community groups, she taught them to use the bangles, tinsels and paints to make interesting designs. By 9 Jan 2016, 67 acrylic sheets and 74 styrofoam balls were decorated with these products and displayed at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, as part of the National Art Week. Read More »

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