Largest Thumbtack Montage

The 3rd Company Girls’ Brigade of Fairfield Methodist School (Sec) marked its 81st year by making a montage of thumbtacks depicting its logo and core values. On 16 Nov 2018, the girls completed the 3.6m by 3.6m artwork made of 144 pieces of foam boards. About 100,000 tacks were used. Read More »

Largest Rug Made From Recycled T-Shirts

Coral Primary School would be merging with White Sands Primary next year. One of the ways for Coral to preserve its name and legacy is to enter the Singapore Book of Records. Students brought unwanted t-shirts to the school where they were cut into strips and weaved into little mats. About 600 of these were then tied to make a rug measuring 4.5m by 3.9m, completed on 12 Nov 2018. Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Popiah Together

Singapore Post Ltd (SingPost) celebrated 160 years of postal services by bringing 250 seniors from agencies under Community Chest to join its staff in making popiah together. President Halimah Yacob was also among the 370 people to make the popular local dish at the SingPost Centre atrium on 12 Nov 2018. Read More »

Largest Speed-Dating In Cable Cars

GaiGai and One Faber Peak jointly organised ‘Love in the Air’ on the Sentosa cable cars. On 10 Nov 2018, 70 participants broke the previous record of 60, set in 2009 which was the first speed-dating party in this format. In the 2 cable car journeys, the singletons got to know 4 others of the opposite sex, before socialising with everyone else at a buffet dinner and playing dating games. ... Read More »

Most Number Of Pi Digits Memorised And Recalled In 30 Mins

Sancy Suraj is the founder of Knowles Training Institute, a corporate training company helping organisations achieve optimal results. On 9 Nov 2018, he succeeded in writing down the most number of pi digits ever attempted in Singapore. In 30 mins he managed 1,505 digits without a single error. Sancy is also the record holder for memorising 160 randomly generated colours on the computer screen since 2012. Read More »

Largest Woven Art Made Of T-Shirt Strips

For the third year, the local eco community comes together for the Singapore Eco Film Festival at the ArtScience Museum, hoping to collaborate towards a greener future. A highlight of the festival was involving many volunteers to cut up unwanted t-shirts and weaving them into patterns on metal grilles. On 4 Nov 2018, the mounted display measured 5m by 1.2m. Read More »

Largest Display Of Rangolis Using Different Materials

Grace Ladies organises events, and provides cultural and education services for companies and communities. For 2 days, 8 key ladies from the club designed 101 rangolis, each using a different material in addition to the traditional rice powder at Gardens By The Bay. The materials included spices, costume jewellery and stationery products. The 0.6m by 82m display for Deepavali was awarded a record on 2 Nov 2018. Read More »