Most Number Of Pi Digits Memorised And Recalled In 30 Mins

Sancy Suraj is the founder of Knowles Training Institute, a corporate training company helping organisations achieve optimal results. On 9 Nov 2018, he succeeded in writing down the most number of pi digits ever attempted in Singapore. In 30 mins he managed 1,505 digits without a single error. Sancy is also the record holder for memorising 160 randomly generated colours on the computer screen since 2012. Read More »

Largest Woven Art Made Of T-Shirt Strips

For the third year, the local eco community comes together for the Singapore Eco Film Festival at the ArtScience Museum, hoping to collaborate towards a greener future. A highlight of the festival was involving many volunteers to cut up unwanted t-shirts and weaving them into patterns on metal grilles. On 4 Nov 2018, the mounted display measured 5m by 1.2m. Read More »

Largest Display Of Rangolis Using Different Materials

Grace Ladies organises events, and provides cultural and education services for companies and communities. For 2 days, 8 key ladies from the club designed 101 rangolis, each using a different material in addition to the traditional rice powder at Gardens By The Bay. The materials included spices, costume jewellery and stationery products. The 0.6m by 82m display for Deepavali was awarded a record on 2 Nov 2018. Read More »

Largest Mass Mamma Mia Workout

Mamma Mia! the smash hit musical from ABBA is performing here from 3 Nov to 18 Nov 2018. On the eve of the opening, 245 people came together for an exhilarating workout choreographed to songs from the musical. The workout was organised by Base Entertainment Asia, the presenter of the show. Team Axis conducted the workout at MBS Event Plaza. Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Lighted Plastic Bottles

Woodgrove CC organised its first Halloween event at the Woodgrove Avenue open field on 31 Oct 2018. Hundreds turned up with scary faces and unusual costumes. Below the stage was the word ‘Woodgrove’ constructed out of discarded drink bottles and fitted with LED lights. The word display measured 8.2m by 0.7m. Read More »

Largest Mass Otago Exercise

Hip fracture incidence rates in Singapore have risen rapidly in the last few decades, particularly in women, and are now among the highest in Asia. At the Bone Health Carnival on 28 Oct 2018 at Our Tampines Hub, Amgen Singapore organised an Otago exercise session for 320 mostly senior participants. Otago is a set of leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises designed to prevent falls. Read More »

Largest Art Display Made Of Coconuts

The coconut is believed to be an auspicious fruit in Indian culture and is used in many religious rituals. Nee Soon East CC celebrated Deepavali on 27 Oct 2018 with 11m by 10m of the open space taken up by a display of coconut husks. The event was held at the Nee Soon East Courtyard. Read More »