Largest Ball Pool

i12 Katong set up a custom-made pool filled with 250,000 white and transparent balls for its ‘White Christmas’ theme. The pool was divided into 3 areas to cater for the different age groups – adult, teenagers and children. The play area was measured in 2 parts: 18.7m by 4.4m and 15.7m by 2.5m. From 1 – 24 Dec 2017, shoppers spending $120 or more at the mall  can frolic in the ... Read More »

Largest Christmas Tree Made Of Compact Discs

Instead of disposing the old CDs, Sembcorp Industries handed them over to its Recreation Club to make a Christmas Tree for its celebration with patients and staff of Assisi Hospice on 1 Dec 2017. Measuring 3.1m high and 1.5m in diameter, the glittering tree was also covered with good wishes on the CDs. Read More »

First Scooter Sidecar Tour Service

In Aug 2017, Simon Wong launched a scooter tour service using a fleet of restored vintage Vespas with sidecars attached. After his wife passed away about nine years ago, Wong immersed himself in charity causes and even raised funds using refurbished Vespa for people to be photographed with. This led to many asking him for making trips with the scooters. The tour, probably the first in the world, is owned ... Read More »

Largest Singapore Map Made Of Individual Drawings

After a 2-year renovation, West Coast CC reopened on 18 Nov 2017 with much more facilities to serve the residents. On the atrium wall was a map of Singapore made of 218 selected drawings. Children from schools and pre-schools around the CC were invited to draw their visions of a futuristic Singapore. The map measured 4.9m by 2.8m. Read More »

Largest Rice Art Display

Blue Cross Charitable Institution was established in 1942 by some local temples during the Japanese Occupation to take care of the diseased, homeless and unattended corpses. Today it continues its services towards the disadvantaged and the destitute. For its 75th anniversary celebration, brown and white rice were used to create the portrait of Song Dafeng (born in AD1039) who was a Chinese warrior, magistrate, monk, and founder of temples in the Teochew ... Read More »

Largest Mass Nirvana Fitness Workout

Nirvana Fitness is a blend of pilates and yoga with functional movements and rhythmic breathing, accompanied by uplifting music. On 18 Nov 2017, after completing a 3-km fund-raising walk organised by Joo Chiat CCC, 201 people proceeded to a mass Nirvana Fitness workout at East Coast Park. Read More »

Largest Mass Walk With Umbrellas

Joo Chiat CCC organised FairPrice Walk For Rice 2017 at East Coast Park on 18 Nov 2017. Umbrellas were provided for the 436 participants in the 3km walk starting from Angsana Green. For every 200m walked, NTUC FairPrice would donate a bowl of white rice and a bowl of brown rice to a needy family. Read More »