Largest Rice Art Display

Blue Cross Charitable Institution was established in 1942 by some local temples during the Japanese Occupation to take care of the diseased, homeless and unattended corpses. Today it continues its services towards the disadvantaged and the destitute. For its 75th anniversary celebration, brown and white rice were used to create the portrait of Song Dafeng (born in AD1039) who was a Chinese warrior, magistrate, monk, and founder of temples in the Teochew ... Read More »

Largest Mass Nirvana Fitness Workout

Nirvana Fitness is a blend of pilates and yoga with functional movements and rhythmic breathing, accompanied by uplifting music. On 18 Nov 2017, after completing a 3-km fund-raising walk organised by Joo Chiat CCC, 201 people proceeded to a mass Nirvana Fitness workout at East Coast Park. Read More »

Largest Mass Walk With Umbrellas

Joo Chiat CCC organised FairPrice Walk For Rice 2017 at East Coast Park on 18 Nov 2017. Umbrellas were provided for the 436 participants in the 3km walk starting from Angsana Green. For every 200m walked, NTUC FairPrice would donate a bowl of white rice and a bowl of brown rice to a needy family. Read More »

Strongest Quantum Levitation Effect On A Hoverboard

One of the key properties of a superconductor is that it is repelled by a magnetic field and hence floats above it, in a process known as quantum levitation. In a final-year project of the Singapore Polytechnic School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, the students built a hoverboard strapped to a box containing 6 pieces of YBCO discs. Below the box were 60 pieces of neodymium N50 magnets secured tightly ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Doing Aluminium Tooling Together

On 15 Nov 2017, APSN Tanglin School held its debut ‘TS Artistry – Talents Revealed’ to showcase the diverse talents of its students. Held at Enabling Village, Lengkok Bahru, the event also saw 300 participants doing aluminium tooling together. The completed aluminium pieces were later put together to form an image of four people in unity. Read More »

Largest Gathering Of People Dressed As Star Wars Characters

The Centrepoint collaborated with upcoming release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ to celebrate the festive season. At the launch of the campaign on 16 Nov 2017, 112 people came dressed as a Star Wars character of their choice.  10 other malls in the Frasers Centrepoint Malls group also feature this galactic theme. Read More »

Largest Display Of Personalised Hand-Shaped Acrylics

Westwood Primary School students were taught to identify 24 character strengths and to write five of their own on specially designed acrylic pieces cut to look like hands. On 17 Nov 2017, 1,881 of the pieces were linked up and displayed at the school hall to mark the school’s 5th anniversary. Read More »