• Suntec City’s interactive Christmas Tree based on the Galton game measuring 9.5 m-high in 2014

  • Christmas at 112 Katong 2015 saw CJ the Bubble Girl enclosed 15 volunteers inside a giant soap bubble.

  • The Longest Handbell Performance went on for 24 hours in Dec 2013 at the airport played by Ministry of Bellz

  • 718 people wore antler headbands and red noses for a 3.5km walk at the Sports Hub, 2014

  • 4.8m Teddy Bear Christmas Tree at Conrad Centennial, 2008

  • 3m tall Christmas tree made of recycled glass bottles at Sentosa, 2011

  • Clarke Quay’s 5.5m Christmas Tree made of 48 TV screens, 2011

  • A bottle-capped greeting!

  • 89.5m-long Swiss roll cut up into 50 log cakes, at Eunos CC 2012

  • 5.5m-high Christmas tree made up of 5,000 pieces of wishing stars at Kampong Ubi-Kembangan GRC, 2010

  • 10m-tall cardboard Christmas tree at Millenia Walk, 2015 

  • 3m-tall Christmas tree made of live bottled plants in Chong Pang, 2015

  • 40 Santa Clauses and 35 Santa Rinas at Boon Lay CC, 2014

  • Ministry of Bellz’s 24-hr Christmas performance at Changi Airport, 2013

  • 555 people wore Santa hats at Bugis+ Christmas celebration, 2009

Largest Display Of Personalised Hand-Shaped Acrylics

Westwood Primary School students were taught to identify 24 character strengths and to write five of their own on specially designed acrylic pieces cut to look like hands. On 17 Nov 2017, 1,881 of the pieces were linked up and displayed at the school hall to mark the school’s 5th anniversary. Read More »

Most Number Of Mediums In A Trance At One Location

Tien Sen Tua Temple hosted the International Baogong Cultural Heritage on 12 Nov 2017 in honour of the celebrated Justice Bao. Temple mediums and worshippers from all over Singapore as well abroad, gathered to learn and prayed to the Song dynasty judge. In small batches, a total of 75 mediums went into trance, Read More »

Longest Thoranam

Members of 11 IAECs in the Tanjong Pagar GRC and Radin Mas SMC helped to make short sections of thoranam, a Tamil hanging decoration made of coconut leaf blades and flowers. The sections were combined to form a 688m length for the GRC/SMC’s Deepavali celebration at Serangoon Road on 12 Nov 2107. Read More »

Largest Mobile Skills Workshop For Senior Citizens

Pei Chin Public School and its Alumni Association organised a workshop entitled ‘Ah Gong Ah Ma @ Smart Nation’ at its school hall on 12 Nov 2017. Alumni members and other public volunteers showed the elderly how to use apps like Whatsapp, My Transport, Healthy365, Zaobao and to scan QR codes. A total of 245 participated in the workshop. Read More »

Most Number Of People Pleating Thoranam Together

Zhenghua IAEC And Zhenghua Senja Square RC organised Deepavali celebrations on 12 Nov 2017 at Senja Square. Guests were treated to entertaining performances and fun-filled activities. 805 people pleated thoranam leaves together, a first experience for most people. The pleated leaves were then stringed up and displayed at the side of the tent. Read More »

Largest Mass Kang Le Dance

Our Tampines Hub, together with Wanna Studio, organised the largest dance to take place at the mall’s new community hall. 980 participants, most of them from the People’s Association PAssionArts Dance Network danced to the Chinese song 最親的人 and was awarded the record for the largest 康乐舞 on 11 Nov 2017. Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Sushi Together

Lam Soon Singapore engaged the services of chefs from Allspice Institute to guide parents and kids in making sushi using its Naturel brown rice and other products. A total of 292 people took part in the activity at Kids World Fair in Singapore Expo on 11 Nov 2017. The company shared the government’s effort to promote the consumption of brown rice. Read More »