Largest Mass Tabata Display

At Seng Kang Secondary School’s 20th anniversary celebration on 23 Mar 2018, 989 students took part in a mass tabata exercise. They did the exercises for 20 min at the Sengkang Hockey Pitch. Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that originated in Japan. was also to encourage the students to stay fit. Read More »

Largest Ribbon Collage

National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) celebrated its 10th anniversary with an outreach programme at Canopy@JCube on 24 Mar 2018. The public pinned 10,000 coloured ribbons on a board in support of cancer screening. The neatly arranged ribbon collage measured 3m by 3m. Read More »

Longest LED Dragon Dance

At the recent Chingay, Geylang Serai CC put up Singapore’s longest LED dragon dance performed by its residents. Specially made for the event, the dragon was measured at the Chingay rehearsal at the F1 Pit Building on 10 Feb 2018 to reach 136m. Read More »

Largest Hula Hoop Walking Relay (Doubles)

At the Loyang Fiesta on 24 Mar 2018, students, their parents and ex-students took part in the hula-hoop relay. 2 people were in each hula hoop and after reaching the end point they passed the hoop to the next pair who had to walk back in it. 310 people participated in the game organised by Loyang Primary School. Read More »

Largest Mass Fit & Funky Workout

Tampines West CSC brought in the founders of Fit&Funky to conduct its first mass workout on 10 Mar 2018 at the CC. Navanita and Khadro Sgambato led the high-energy exercises for 221 fitness enthusiasts. The next day, they conducted the first training for instructors in Singapore. Read More »

Largest Balloon Costume

Now in its eighth year, Marina Square can now boast of hosting world’s largest annual balloon show. Occupying an area of 28.4m by 17.1m, the show features animals in a colourful dreamland. Included is a multi-coloured dancing elephant, with the help of two artists inside, measuring 4.5m by 3.4m by 2.8m high. When the show opens from 9-18 March 2018, the elephant has to assume a static role due to the ... Read More »

Largest House Made Of Plastic Bottles

AWWA School celebrated its school 39th anniversary on 9 Mar 2018 with a mini carnival and some stage performances. The highlight of the celebration was unveiling a playhouse made of more than 1,000 colourful plastic bottles. For several months, students, teachers and volunteers collected used plastic bottles, and they cleaned and painted them. The house was measured to be 2.1m by 2.1m and 3.1m high. Read More »