Most Number Of Ketupats Made At A Public Event

The new Wisma Geylang Serai organised its first record-breaking event, Ketupat-Thon, on 13 Jun 2018. With the help of volunteers from all walks of life and races, 3775 ketupats were weaved by the end of the day. Even all the Malay Grassroots Advisers turned up to help and mingle with the participants. Read More »

Largest Display Of Multi-Coloured Dumplings

Geylang Serai CC organised its first record-breaking event at its new premises on 10 Jun 2018. To tie in with the Dumpling Festival, the CC and INC once again set up dumplings in different colours to symbolise the harmony among the different races and nationalities in our society. 1018 dumplings were made by the residents and displayed at the concert in Wisma Geylang Serai, beating its own record of 640 ... Read More »

Largest Gathering Of Free Roaming Horses

Horses that have retired from racing are given a second chance at life at Gallop Stable which retrains them for fun riding. For the first time in Singapore, 101 horses and ponies were released to let them roam freely on Horsecity’s paddocks, at the old Bukit Timah turf club. That was the highlight of the Horsecity Carnival, a family fun event with games, food and pony rides on 9 Jun 2018. Read More »

Largest Crochet Rope Playground

Mall owner Frasers Property Singapore installed a colourful crochet rope playground at its Waterway Point for kids to play from 25 May to 1 Jul 2018. On 2 Jun 2018, the hand-crocheted contraption was measured to be 8.9m by 6.4m, with a height of 2.2m. For a fee, kids got to climb and jump about the ropes and proceeds would go to the Association for Persons with Special Needs. Read More »

Largest Mass Babywearing Dance

On 3 Jun 2018 at Marina Square, 77 mothers with babies wrapped around them suddenly sprang into a dance, followed by a surprise dedication video for the daddies to celebrate Father’s Day. One mother was even carrying 2 babies in the dance. The flash mob was organised by Interracial Family SG and co-organised by BabyMooves and Baby Slings & Carriers. Read More »

Longest Sit-Up Conveyor Belt

World Vision organised the annual Famine Camp where youths fasted for 30 hours to empathise with impoverished communities. At the camp on 2 Jun 2018, 180 students formed a lie-down chain and passed 23 five-kg bags of rice via the sit-up action. The activity at Ngee Ann Polytechnic was meant to parallel the strenuous last mile process of distributing food aid. Read More »

Largest Cardboard Landscape

One can discover Europe at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall which showcased seven iconic European landmarks in 3D made of cardboard. The display which measured 21m by 18m with a height of 7m was put up by Changi Airport Group to promote travel to Europe. The exhibition is on from 25 May to 24 Jun 2018. Read More »