• Suntec City’s interactive Christmas Tree based on the Galton game measuring 9.5 m-high in 2014

  • Christmas at 112 Katong 2015 saw CJ the Bubble Girl enclosed 15 volunteers inside a giant soap bubble.

  • The Longest Handbell Performance went on for 24 hours in Dec 2013 at the airport played by Ministry of Bellz

  • 718 people wore antler headbands and red noses for a 3.5km walk at the Sports Hub, 2014

  • 4.8m Teddy Bear Christmas Tree at Conrad Centennial, 2008

  • 3m tall Christmas tree made of recycled glass bottles at Sentosa, 2011

  • Clarke Quay’s 5.5m Christmas Tree made of 48 TV screens, 2011

  • A bottle-capped greeting!

  • 89.5m-long Swiss roll cut up into 50 log cakes, at Eunos CC 2012

  • 5.5m-high Christmas tree made up of 5,000 pieces of wishing stars at Kampong Ubi-Kembangan GRC, 2010

  • 10m-tall cardboard Christmas tree at Millenia Walk, 2015 

  • 3m-tall Christmas tree made of live bottled plants in Chong Pang, 2015

  • 40 Santa Clauses and 35 Santa Rinas at Boon Lay CC, 2014

  • Ministry of Bellz’s 24-hr Christmas performance at Changi Airport, 2013

  • 555 people wore Santa hats at Bugis+ Christmas celebration, 2009

World’s Largest Mass Walk

The New Paper Big Walk made it into the Guinness records on 21 May 2000 with 77,500 participants. The success coincided with the 10th anniversary of Big Walk held since 1991. Started from the National Stadium, it was organised by the Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Athletic Association and Singapore Sports Council. Read More »

World’s Longest Skating Distance Covered In 24 Hr

Sandy Snakenberg broke the 24-hr speed skating world record by skating 504.92 km from 30-31 Oct 1999 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. In 1991, he won the longest single-day race in the world, skating 138 miles from Fresno, California, to Bakersfield in 9 hr 22 min. Snakenberg currently runs AG Sports and Skate Pro training programmes in Singapore. Read More »

World’s First Road Pricing Scheme

Singapore introduced the Area Licensing Scheme on 2 Jun 1975 whereby vehicles entering the Restricted Zone in the Central Business District, had to buy and display a S$3 daily licence or a S$60 monthly licence on their windscreens. The scheme was replaced by Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in 1998. Read More »

World’s Largest Game Of Musical Chairs

On 5 Aug 1989, the largest game of musical chairs began with 8,238 participants at the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. Three and a half hours later, the game ended with the lucky 15-year-old winner Xu Chong Wei on the last previous chair. Read More »

First To Travel Round The World 12 Times

From 1960 to 1972, Jimmy Lye made 12 round-the-world trips as a commercial air traveller. The trips were almost on an annual basis and each trip averaged about 35 days. He consistently travelled by Qantas Airways. Read More »

World’s Smallest Domestic Cat

The Singapura Cat, native of Singapore, entered the Guinness as the smallest breed of domestic cats. The cat is a combination of both the ticked coat pattern and the dark brown in colour. In the early 1970s, the Singapura cat was brought to the US and in 1982, this breed was accepted for registration by the Cat Fanciers Association and given championship status in 1988. The breed is also known ... Read More »