Most Pledges Written On Balloons

Darul Ihsan Orphanage organised a Family Carnival near its premises at Mattar Road on 1 Sep 2018. Visitors at the carnival were given balloons to write pledges towards taking care of their health or making self-improvement. Despite the afternoon heat that burst many balloons, the organisers were delighted to beat the previous record with 1,563 balloons at the end of the event. Read More »

Most Number Of People Folding Paper Fans At The Same Time

At Temasek Secondary School’s All Staff Day on 30 Aug 2018, students gathered to pen down their wishes for their favourite teachers. As an expression of being fans, they also folded the coloured papers into fans. Teachers and other staff also took part in the folding, bringing the total number of participants to 1,136. Read More »

Fastest T-Shirt Wearing Relay Chain

For Teachers’ Day celebration on 30 Aug  2018, Fajar Secondary School organised a fun-filled sport where students competed on an inter-class basis on how fast they changed t-shirts. In a relay chain of 25 people, the first person had 10 t-shirts on and then passed to the next person one at a time, who wore it and then passed to the next person until the last person had all the ... Read More »

Longest Clothes Line

Students of Fajar Secondary School collected enough old clothes to go round the school field twice. Held by wooden pegs on ropes on the fence, the clothes measured 616m on 30 Aug 2018. It was more than 100m longer than the previous record held by SMU. The clothes would be shipped overseas to the needy. Read More »

Largest Mass Run Wearing Masks

The Safra Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon was held on 26 Aug 2018 from the Esplanade Bridge to the Padang. In the Families for Life 800m Challenge, participants were provided with superhero-themed t-shirts and masks. A total of 1,379 were counted to have the masks on during the run. Read More »

Largest Demonstration of Bleeding Control in First Aid

On 24 Aug 2018, 468 participants learned that in an emergency, excessive bleeding should be controlled by grabbing any available item such as a rope or towel. Together they followed instructions given by a leader to administer ‘bleeding control in first aid’ on their partner. The event was part of the 15th National Camp attended by various uniformed group cadets from 120 schools, Read More »