Largest Logo Made Of Peanut Butter

Skippy Peanut Butter, Singapore’s bestseller, now comes in a new squeezable packaging. At the launch on 21 Jul 2017 at Wisma Atria, the Skippy logo made of peanut butter was displayed. It measured 4m by 2m. Food colouring was used to mix with the peanut butter to create the logo. Read More »

Largest Push Pin Art

At 4 pre-festival workshops and at the PAssionArts festival on 14 Jul 2018, nearly 200 residents managed to complete an art display using colourful push pins. 135,000 push pins were used to create a safari-themed image which measured 6m by 2.25m. The project was organised by the Bukit Batok East – Community Art and Culture Committee. Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Keychains At One Location

At the Hello Kitty Run on 15 Jul 2018, MuzArt Singapore let runners practise their craftsmanship by making their own keychains. 128 people collected wooden blank keychains on which they drew and glued on tinsels and other decorative materials. The event was held at the Promontory@Marina Bay. Read More »

Largest Artwork Made From Penalty Kicks

It was World Cup season at the Sports Hub on 14 Jul 2018, and Art for Good SG contributed to the football mood by having people around there to kick paint-covered footballs onto the canvas mounted vertically on a goal box. After over an hour, the 3m-by-1.9m canvas became a tri-coloured abstract art. Read More »

Most Number Of People Eating Curry Puffs Together

To celebrate Racial Harmony Day, the Kampong Glam YEC organised Curry Fiesta at its CC on 14 Jul 2018. Curry is symbolic of racial harmony as it is cooked by all races in Singapore yet each race has its own unique flavours. Guests at the event got to try many curry dishes. To kick off the morning’s programme, 298 people cheered as they ate Old Chang Kee curry puffs together. Read More »

Longest Farmers’ Walk Relay In One Hour

To commemorate its 48th Anniversary, the 21st Battalion Singapore Artillery had its men do 50m relay laps carrying 2 water -filled jerry cans. Each jerry can weighed 19 kg and about 300 men completed a total distance of 214.8 km in one hour. The strenuous record was set at Kranji Camp II on 6 Jul 2018. Read More »

Largest Volleyball Tournament Held Over 24 Hr

To tie in with Shuqun Secondary‘s Homecoming Carnival, the Seh Chuan-Shuqun Alumni Association organised a volleyball tournament that stretched over 24 hours for the Shuqun Alumni Cup 2018. 16 teams competed in 4 groups. The best 2 teams of each group progressed to the semi-finals. A total of 308 players took part from 5pm 29 Jun 2018 to the next day. Read More »