Kenneth Tan Broke 4 Memory Records

Kenneth Tan Broke 4 Memory Records

Kenneth Tan, a second-year SMU undergrad was already holding 2 Singapore memory records – for Fastest Recall Of One Deck Of Cards and Spoken Numbers at 1 digit per second. On 1 Sep 2017 in SMU, he broke 4 more memory records:  

**Fastest Recall Of 2 Decks Of Cards, taking 11 min 55 sec to memorise and recall; 

**Most Binary Digits Memorised with 524 digits correctly recalled; 

**Most Single Digits Memorised with 228 digits recalled; and

**Historic/Future Dates Memorised with 41 dates recalled.

In the last 3 events, contestants were given 5 min to memorise and 15 min to recall.