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Largest Four-Handed Seat Race

It is a yearly tradition for the Secondary 4 cohort of Tanjong Katong Secondary School to do something memorable with a record on their graduation day. On 5 Oct 2018, 225 students took turns to carry their friends to complete a 150m race. In groups of 3, 2 members grasped each other’s wrists to form a 4-handed seat for the third member to sit on. Participants switched roles at the ... Read More »

Most Number Of People Bouncing Tennis Balls Together

Punggol Cove Primary School has only been around for three years. On 4 Oct 2018, to mark Children’s Day and to train them in mental concentration, 647 children from Primary 1 to 3 bounced tennis balls together for 5 mins to break the record held by another school since 2014. Read More »

Longest Paper Fan Chain

Students of Temasek Secondary School folded paper fans which were later joined to form the longest paper fan chain. On 30 Aug 2018, the school celebrated All Staff Day when fans took on a new meaning.  The paper chain was completed by the school principal and measured to be 554m long. Read More »

Largest Cardboard Remote Control Car Race Track

HDB organised a half-day filled with activities for its staff at Tampines Sports Hub on 10 Sep 2018. Working in teams, more than 100 people built a race track using cardboards and masking tapes. The track which measured 174.1m, required a remote control car to run throughout its length for quality checks. Read More »

Most Number Of Emojis Created Using Facial Expressions

Singapore Science Festival 2018 set the first ever record incorporating facial recognition technology, highlighting its artificial intelligence (A.I.) theme. In just 2 hours on 6 Sep 2018, 300 members of the public recorded their faces with a smartphone and repeated the Festival tagline, ‘Hello World, A.I. you ready?’, creating unique animated emojis at the Fusionopolis One atrium. The Festival was organised by Science Centre Singapore and A*STAR. Read More »

Most Pledges Written On Balloons

Darul Ihsan Orphanage organised a Family Carnival near its premises at Mattar Road on 1 Sep 2018. Visitors at the carnival were given balloons to write pledges towards taking care of their health or making self-improvement. Despite the afternoon heat that burst many balloons, the organisers were delighted to beat the previous record with 1,563 balloons at the end of the event. Read More »

Most Number Of People Folding Paper Fans At The Same Time

At Temasek Secondary School’s All Staff Day on 30 Aug 2018, students gathered to pen down their wishes for their favourite teachers. As an expression of being fans, they also folded the coloured papers into fans. Teachers and other staff also took part in the folding, bringing the total number of participants to 1,136. Read More »