Longest Distance Covered Online By A Group Of Runners Over 20 Days

To commemorate Singapore Management University’s 20th anniversary, the SMU Challenge organising committee rebranded its annual fund-raising event into SMOO Challenge 2020. From 1 to 20 Sep, a total of 1,001 students, staff, alumni, faculty members and friends from the public clocked 57,346.35 km in 20 days. Participants registered and uploaded their handphones’ GPS-based tracking results to 42race.com Read More »

Largest Word Formation Made Of Rubik’s Cubes

Yumin Primary School set the Rubik’s Cube word formation record in 2017. On 8 Oct 2020, they broke their record with 1,200 cubes forming the words ‘United We Flourish’, measuring 1.1m by 2.2m. All the pupils completed one side of the cube and placed the cubes on the pre-worded banner in the hall. The event was to mark the school’s 45th anniversary. Read More »

Most Number Of Steps Walked In 30 Days

Ramaiah Selvanathan, 52, was determine to go through a month-long fitness regime. From 29 Aug to 27 Sep 2020, he completed 1,172,101 steps (903 km) walking an average of 30 km a day. He did most of the walking after his work as a supply chain manager. Selvanathan was an ardent footballer during his school days. He was a volunteer football coach for children in the Keat Hong Community Sports ... Read More »

Largest Display Of Bottle Cap Castanets

Students and staff of Stamford Primary School collected bottle caps and they were made into castanets by pasting each pair to a folded cardboard. On 8 Oct 2020, to mark Children’s Day, they danced and played the castanets to the song ‘Semoga Bahagia’ in their classrooms, and thereafter each class stick the handmade instruments onto a board. The boards were brought to the school hall for a record display of 1,143 ... Read More »

Largest Logo With Superimposed Text

The graduating Secondary Fours of Tanjong Katong Secondary School wrote down their thanks and wishes for the school. The comments were compiled and printed over the school logo and the 2m by 2m poster was unveiled on 25 Sep 2020. The students, calling themselves ‘Class of Acuity’ also donated a plaque to the school. Read More »

Fastest 5 x 20-Km Walk Around Singapore

Five veteran race walkers organised a relay walk around Singapore stretching from Pasir Ris to Jurong. The 100-km route was completed in 13 hr 4 min, before dawn on 20 Sep 2020. They were R Subramaniam, 57, Tanaball s/o Ramasamy, 68, Jeyakumar s/o Ramasamy Dharmalingam, 64, Rajanthran s/o MK Subramanian, 57, and Perumal Thurairajoo, 58. The event was sponsored by Ganesh Singh of Sultana New Chetty Vilas Restaurant & Catering. ... Read More »

Largest Mass Online Hip-Hop Workout

The Hip-Hop on Zoom video platform was conducted by Mark Kramer from the Philippines. The event was organised by Our Tampines Hub and Tampines West CSC on 20 Sep 2020. 147 participants were counted with their faces visible on Zoom. Read More »

Most Number Of Steps Walked In 10 Days

R Subramaniam, who holds the record for fastest walking around Singapore (103.6 km in 18 hr 47 min), completed 501,370 steps in 10 days from 6 to 15 Sep 2020. This is roughly about 400 km. The steps were monitored by his phone app. The record attempt was sponsored by Vithya Sri and Khirthana. Read More »

Longest Line Of Origami Hearts

As part of its National Day civic action, Bukit View Secondary School’s lower secondary students folded 13,000 origami hearts. On the origamis, they wrote words of encouragement and well-wishes for the migrant workers. Before sending to them, the students used about 10,000 hearts to form a 319m heart-shaped line on 11 Sep 2020. Read More »