Largest Display Of Paper Fish Made Of Hongbao

Sengkang South’s Lunar New Year Carnival drew over a thousand ticketed participants. It was held at the Hougang Street 61 Neighbourhood Park on 10 Feb 2019. Taking pride of place was a display of 8,888 paper fish made by CC volunteers using hongbao envelopes. They were hung from a scaffolding measuring 1.6m  by 5.9m by 0.2m.   Read More »

Most Number Of People Doing Kolam Simultaneously

Jurong Green CC’s Pongal celebration included having 206 people to do kolams together with rice powder. Rows and rows of paper stencils with traditional Indian motifs were stuck on the floor and participants started with placing the powder through the stencils and developing their design further. Many of them came from Yuvabharathi School and Sunlove Home. The event was organised by the CC’s IAEC on 2 Feb 2019 and led ... Read More »

Largest Rice Bucket

It looks like the economy has gotten better. The Chinese New Year symbolic rice bucket – to wish households be filled with bountiful supplies – has become bigger than the ones previously exhibited. YewTee Point’s rice bucket was measured on 26 Jan 2019 to be 1.38m high and has an average diameter of 1.1m. The mall is managed by Frasers Centrepoint Trust. Read More »

Most Number Of People Doing Chalk Art Together

Every year, Bukit Panjang SMC celebrates the Indian Pongal Festival near the Pending LRT station. As it is Singapore’s Bicentennial year, the event on 20 Jan 2019 started with 200 people colouring pictures of pongal pots and sugar canes with chalk on the floor, somewhat resembling the Indian tradition of doing rangolis. Read More »

Largest Display Of Handpainted Cow Standees

In connection with Singapore’s Bicentennial, 200 wooden boards cut in the shape of cows were distributed to the RCs of Bukit Panjang constituency to be painted. The 200 ‘cows’ were then erected all over the district to publicise about the Pongal Festival, held on 20 Jan 2019. Read More »

Largest Mass Pongal Cooking

The IAEC of Keat Hong CC received overwhelming response when it invited the other races to cook pongal rice with the Indian residents. Provided with a portable gas stove, clay pot and cooking ingredients, 224 people enjoyed themselves commemorating the Indian harvest festival together at Keat Hong Square on 19 Jan 2019. Read More »

Fastest Moving Ping Pong Ball

In 2015, Singapore Polytechnic students built Singapore’s first supersonic ping pong ball bazooka which reached 428.6m per sec (Mach 1.25). A new batch of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering students using an improved suction pump and 3D-printed nozzle, achieved a speed of 833m per sec or Mach 2.43 on 7 Jan 2019. This is arguably Singapore’s fastest projectile without the use of combustion or pyrotechnics. The students are Teo Shao Zun, Bryan Chong ... Read More »