• Christmas at 112 Katong 2015 saw CJ the Bubble Girl enclosed 15 volunteers inside a giant soap bubble.

  • Volunteers from Eunos CC and Man Fut Tong Welfare Society jointly made the longest Swiss Roll measuring 89.5m on 23.12.12.

  • 1,000 umbrellas painted by residents were displayed at Marine Parade CC on 22.6.14

  • 263 people were in the Most Number Of People Showering Together at Sentosa, organised by SingTel mio TV on 26.10.13

  • The longest zhu chang fen was made at Chinatown on 25.7.10 measuring 60.5m long

  • Dancing clubs under the North West CDC came together for the Largest Rumba Dance with 908 participants on 18.5.12

  • The Largest Rangoli (Group) measured 38m in diameter, organised by Kg Chai Chee IAEC on 24.8.14

  • Chinatown presented the Longest Sculpture Made Of Sky Lanterns with a 300m long snake made from 850 lanterns in Jan 2013

  • KC of Ria 89.7FM stayed on air for 24 hours for the Longest Radio DJ Marathon on 17.5.12

  • 1,460 participants did jumping jacks together for 3 min to celebrate Temasek Poly’s School Of Engineering’s 20th Anniversary (25.11.11)

  • 50,280 sq ft of space outside MBS and 450 tons of ice were used for the Largest Ice Sculpture Exhibition, from Nov 2013 to May 2014

  • 250 people participated in the Largest Henna Painting Of Hands on 19.1.13, organised by Yew Tee IAEC

  • The Longest Handbell Performance went on for 24 hours in Dec 2013 at the airport played by Ministry of Bellz

  • The Largest Groundbreaking Ceremony involved 2,520 people, armed with spades, for the new Tampines Town Hub on 11.5.13

  • The Largest Frisbee Wave was created by 2PDF  on 6.12.12 with 1,007 participants

  • Organised by nEbO on 9.3.13, 802 people slided down the 450m flying fox wires in Sentosa over 5 hrs

  • 349 Sembawang residents formed the longest single line, holding and walking with the Singapore flags on 3.8.14

  • The Largest Mass Fireman Carry was executed by 771 servicemen from 2 SIB over a accumulative distance of 450 km on 6.12.13

  • NTUC Club broke the record with 716 people painting Easter eggs together on 6.4.12 at Downtown East

  • 998 participants formed the Longest Football Dribbling Chain on 3.5.14, organised by FAS

  • The Largest Chinese Brush Painting was by Qi Hong who painted a 14.2m-by-7.3m galloping horse on 13.6.13.

  • Siglap South YEC used can tabs to make the largest logo. About 1.6 million can tabs were used for the 2.4×2.4m logo on 14.4.13

  • 320 participants from Tampines West CSC took part in the longest continuous archery session for 30 hrs in May 2010.

  • Nan Hua High School created the Largest Display Of Calligraphy with 1,698 Chinese couplets on 21.1.12

  • 718 people wore antler headbands and red noses for a 3.5km walk at the Sports Hub, 2014

  • 89.5m-long Swiss roll cut up into 50 log cakes, at Eunos CC 2012

  • 40 Santa Clauses and 35 Santa Rinas at Boon Lay CC, 2014

  • Ministry of Bellz’s 24-hr Christmas performance at Changi Airport, 2013

  • Created by Ng Kai Kong and Ng Kai Cheong at 42 x21x17.65mm, the Z-Nano is the world’s smallest optical mouse.

  • 318 students and alumni from St. Hilda’s Sec Sch took turns to play volleyball for a continuous 24 hours in Apr 2012

  • 120 people participated in the largest twister game at Downtown East on 06.06.10, organised by NTUC Club
  • The Largest Shirt Mosaic was created by Hwa Chong Inst (College) students with 2,600 shirts. It measures 10m by 9m on 22.2.11.

  • HDB staff made individual ceramic tiles which were combined into the largest such mural measuring 1.78×12.45m on 31.1.10

  • Woodgrove Sec created the Largest Montage Made Of Thumbtacks (3m x 3m) on 31.8.11 for Teacher’s Day

  • 584 personnel from the Officer Cadet School broke the record by doing 1,000 sit-ups simultaneously on 28.10.11

  • 1,058 people from 6 schools in Tampines West broke the world record for Most People Sitting On One Chair on 16.08.08

  • 555 people wore Santa hats at Bugis+ Christmas celebration, 2009

  • The T-Net Club created the Largest Heart Formation Made of Origami Hearts (15.2x15m) at the Cathay on 22.02.12

Most Number Of Pet Birds Released At The Same Time

Several pet bird clubs and their members gathered at the Singapore Polo Club on 21 Jan 2018. Over a hundred bird owners came to share tips and admire each other’s feathered beauties. Some owners were so confident of their well-trained pets that they agreed to set a mass free flying record. A total of 64 parrots took to the air and there were a few that needed lots of coaxing before they ... Read More »

Largest Convoy Of Bicycles Delivering Groceries

SG Cares Carnival was held at Our Tampines Hub on 13 Jan 2018. The JoyRiders, in marking their 12th anniversary, participated in the event with a turn-up of 115 cyclists. They delivered groceries to All Saints Home despite the light drizzle. The event was organised by Mediacorp and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Popiah Together

Philips Singapore organised a Family Day for its staff at Orto (Lorong Chencharu) on 13 Jan 2018. The day’s activities started with everyone making popiah by the pond in a serene and rural landscape. 312 participated in making the hefty breakfast. Even the popiah skin was freshly made by the supplier on site. Read More »

Largest Balloon Sculpture Made By An Individual

The inaugural Transformers Run was a 5-km fun run with a family-themed carnival held at Palawan Green, Sentosa on 6 Jan 2018. It was organised by I-Promo and Infinite Possibilities. Celebrated balloon artist Lily Tan sculpted a 4.9m-high Optimus Prime balloon transformer and it became the theme’s focal point. Read More »

Most Number Of People Treading Water Simultaneously

The Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation was launched in Mar 2017, and organised its second fundraiser ‘Splash for Singapore’ on 30 Dec 2017 at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. A highlight of the event was when 203 swimmers were counted to have treaded water together for five minutes. Participants were mainly from APS Swim School, Ace Swim Club and Pacer Water Polo Academy. Read More »

Most Cymbals Played In A Lion Dance Performance

Over 70 troupes participated in the Singapore Dragon and Lion Dance Festival at Kreta Ayer Square on 1 Jan 2018. At the finale, the organisers invited 3 cymbal players from each group to line up in front of the stage. Together with the 10 dancing lions, the 190 cymbalists broke the record with their numbers and also probably for the loudest music ever played in a lion dance performance. Read More »

Most Number Of People Photographed In A Studio In 6 Hours

For its final-year project, 4 students from Republic Polytechnic’s Media Production and Design course teamed up with Nam Hong Welfare Service Society to help their elderly beneficiaries to have their portraits professionally taken. They will print and give the photos to the seniors which could even be used to accompany them on their final journey on earth. 220 sets of portraits were completed, 123 from one team and 97 from the ... Read More »