Most Number Of Couples Kissing Simultaneously

‘Happy Marriage, Happy Family’ was organised by Sunlove Home together with the support of several Family Life Champions from the CCs. 130 senior married couples of various races and religions came together to renew their marriage vows at the Sunlove premises on 27 Jan 2018. They also exchanged rings and shared tea from a cup.  And for the record, they had to do a mass kiss. Read More »

Longest String Of Roses

The IAEC of Queenstown CC organised a Pongal Festival for its residents on 28 Jan 2018. Hanging from the ceiling was a string of roses measuring 120m long. On the previous evening, volunteers cut the flowers and stringed them up. Traditional activities associated with the Tamil harvest festival were held Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Roti Prata Together

Bukit Panjang CC organised its 11th Pongal Festival for its residents near Pending LRT station on 21 Jan 2018. At the event, 75 people tried their hands at making prata by kneading, folding and stretching the pre-mixed dough. Later, the residents were treated to pratas and other vegetarian food for lunch. Read More »

Most Number Of Pet Birds Released At The Same Time

Several pet bird clubs and their members gathered at the Singapore Polo Club on 21 Jan 2018. Over a hundred bird owners came to share tips and admire each other’s feathered beauties. Some owners were so confident of their well-trained pets that they agreed to set a mass free flying record. A total of 64 parrots took to the air and there were a few that needed lots of coaxing before they ... Read More »

Most Comprehensive Cleaning Done On A Car

Errands Service Provider is popularly contracted to clean offices but on  13 Jan 2018, it took on the SBOR’s challenge of doing the most thorough cleaning ever done on a car.  Magician CK Khor’s Jaguar went through the 40-point makeover package by the team of 12 from Errands at Cuscaden Road. Read More »

Largest Convoy Of Bicycles Delivering Groceries

SG Cares Carnival was held at Our Tampines Hub on 13 Jan 2018. The JoyRiders, in marking their 12th anniversary, participated in the event with a turn-up of 115 cyclists. They delivered groceries to All Saints Home despite the light drizzle. The event was organised by Mediacorp and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Read More »

Most Number Of People Making Popiah Together

Philips Singapore organised a Family Day for its staff at Orto (Lorong Chencharu) on 13 Jan 2018. The day’s activities started with everyone making popiah by the pond in a serene and rural landscape. 312 participated in making the hefty breakfast. Even the popiah skin was freshly made by the supplier on site. Read More »

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