Longest Line Of Handmade Masks

Juying Primary School celebrated Racial Harmony Day on 16 Jul 2020 not only with everyone being masked but also with a display of handmade masks stringed together. The line of masks measured 136.5m long. The students made the masks and the teachers helped with the sewing. Read More »

Most Number Of Steps Walked In 50 Days

Consecutively from 13 Apr to 1 Jun 2020, which coincided with the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, Moorthy Perumal walked a total of 1,111,203 steps. This amounted to an average of 22,224 steps or about 16 km a day. He normally walked at around 7-8.30 am and 6-7.30 pm and the steps were recorded on a phone app. From 23 May to 31 May 2020, he walked as a participant in the ... Read More »

Largest Mass Online Piloxing Workout

Tampines West CSC and Our Tampines Hub jointly organised a Piloxing Masterclass with Rasidah Caudal and her team of Elite Star instructors on 20 Jun 2020. The team conducted the class at the mall’s studio and were joined by 288 participants in their homes through the Zoom platform. Read More »

Largest Distribution of Chicken Pulao

Free Food for All is a charity providing food for the less fortunate. On 24 May 2020, as many foreign workers were faced with the Covid-19 lockdown, the organisation arranged with a kitchen in FoodXchange@Admiralty to cook chicken pulao, for distribution to these workers. Volunteers came to help in the packing and dispatching the 9,100 food packages. Read More »

Largest TikTok Video Montage

As many Singaporeans had to stay home because of the Covid 19 Circuit Breaker, Kelvin Raja of Royal Productions created this initiative to entertain the Tamil population. He collected and edited 117 TikTok videos from 66 participants to make a 44-min Youtube video. The ‘Tiktok Stars 2020’ video was released on 20 Jun 2020. Read More »

Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Whilst Juggling

On 9 Mar 2020, Daryl Tan solved a Rubik’s cube while juggling in 17.16 sec. Assisted by his friends at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the record is recognised by Guinness as a world record. Daryl is in second place in the Singapore rankings of the World Cube Association. Interview with Daryl Tan Read More »

Largest Batik Mural

At Chongfu School’s staff retreat, the staff and parents painted small batik pieces. The 133 pieces were then mounted on wooden boards to make a 1.8m by 5.2m mural, and hung on a wall near the school entrance on 8 Jun 2020. The school buildings were already designed like hanging gardens and the flowery batik would add to its aspiration for the young to grow and blossom. Read More »

Largest Online Gathering Of Pets & Owners

Pet e-commerce platform, Perromart organised the first pet owners’ virtual gathering using the Zoom platform on 23 May 2020. In the light of the difficult Covid19 situation, the company is donating pet food to six animal shelters according to the number of people who participated in the gathering. 293 owners were counted to have their pets with them as they chatted with Dr Christopher Tham of Jireh Veterinary Clinic on pet ... Read More »

Fastest Round Singapore By Outrigger Boats

A team from Aon Singapore and its business partners paddled around Singapore in 3 outrigger boats, covering 140 km in 17 hr 10 min. Aon partnered the Singapore Paddle Club, in supplying the boats and coaching the team in the days leading up to the event. They set off from Siloso Beach on 13 Mar 2020. As the Causeway was not passable by boat, they turned inland at SAF Yacht ... Read More »