Largest Number Of People Completing A Jigsaw Puzzle

Since 21 Aug, visitors to Ci Yuan Community Club were asked to place a piece each onto the 4.8m-by-2m jigsaw puzzle outside the Performance Theatre. The final pieces were placed by PM Lee, the Ci Yuan Grassroots Adviser and children who are beneficiaries of school essentials from the CC on 4 Sep 2021. A total of 1,716 people were ... Read More »

Largest Domino Toppling Of Books, Tetra Pak Drinks & Biscuit Boxes

Fajar Secondary School celebrated Teachers’ Day by setting 3 domino toppling records. On 2 Sep 2021, 675 library books, 800 Marigold drinks,and 660 boxes of Ritz biscuits were toppled, all in their first runs for the day. Of course, practice runs were conducted several times beforehand to perfect these records. All 3 domino set-ups incorporated the heart sign ... Read More »

Largest Island Hopping Kayaking Expedition

A group of people went on a kayaking challenge to raise funds for the Children Cancer Foundation. The journey covered a distance of 150 km with about 30 hours of paddling from 27 to 30 Aug 2021, stopping or rowing passed 28 islands around Singapore. Shirley Marcialina Lim initiated the feat and SeaOps sponsored the kayaks and training. ... Read More »

Youngest To Recall More Than 200 Digits Of Tau

Niyah Mahapatra is 6 years and 3 months and goes to Nexus International School. On 28 Aug 2021, at Trehaus @ Funan, she recited 202 digits of Tau from memory. Like Pi, Tau has an infinite string of never-repeating digits, and is often used as a test of memory. Niyah has memory training at The Umonics Method. Read More »

Largest National Flag Made Of Plastic Bottles

Residents of Jurong Spring Zone B RC had collected plastic bottles for a previous event and for National Day this time, 3,774 of them were handpainted and reused to make a Singapore flag. Measuring 7.3m by 4.9m, the huge flag was displayed at Block 456 Jurong West St 41 on 28 Aug 2021. Read More »